A new third-party protocol for Carrier Transicold refrigeration unit controllers is expanding the universe of telematics providers that offer services compatible with equipment by Carrier. As of March 2007, the growing
list of telematics providers offering services compatible with Carrier’s DataTrak protocol includes: Qualcomm
Inc., StarTrak LLC, Terion Inc., PAR Logistics Management Systems, Satamatics Ltd., and InterLink Logistics

DataTrak is a software upgrade for Carrier’s truck and trailer unit controllers that allows microprocessor
information to be extracted via the providers’ telematics systems. The DataTrak protocol makes it easy for
telematics providers to access Carrier units, giving fleets more flexibility and user options.

Customers can minimize losses by assuring units have enough fuel, are set correctly and running properly
throughout a trip by remote control of such tasks as starting the unit, selecting temperature set points, adjusting temperature during deliveries or running diagnostic routines. Remote data transmission also simplifies centralized recordkeeping for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) monitoring, Carrier says.

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