RIP: Cornfield Cadillac

Jim Park

Ever wonder what little bits of gold don’t make it into a Today’s
Trucking feature story? The space constraints imposed by page counts
mean there’s only so much we can say in print. That’s not the case
here on the web, and we’re taking full advantage of that by offering
this series of broadcast-quality audio files called In-Depth.

Using the recordings we make while doing interviews for our stories
— along with some original recorded material, In-Depth takes you far
beyond what you can read in the pages of the magazine. You can enjoy
the audio feed while you go about your business, or you can download
the MP3 file to your desktop and listen at your leisure. Come on,
check it out.

In the coming weeks, our new Media Room (found in The Trucking Life)
will host everything from how-to videos, to weekly audio programs and
commentaries – and they’re all top-quality. We hope you enjoy them
and find them useful.

Click on the play button to listen to this week’s In-Depth presentation.

Part 1 – To save to your desktop right click and save this link.

Part 2 – To save to your desktop right click and save this link.

Jim Park

Jim Park was a CDL driver and owner-operator from 1978 until 1998, when he began his second career as a trucking journalist. During that career transition, he hosted an overnight radio show on a Hamilton, Ontario radio station and later went on to anchor the trucking news in SiriusXM's Road Dog Trucking channel. Jim is a regular contributor to Today's Trucking and, and produces Focus On and On the Spot test drive videos.

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