Super B Grain Trailer

Doepker’s Legacy Super B-train

The Doepker Legacy is said to be the lightest and strongest aluminum Super B grain trailer on market. Its Doepker-designed Uni-Link system offers what the company calls “innovative, cutting edge technology that gives strength never seen before on an aluminum trailer.”

The one-piece aluminum honeycomb slope, also used in the construction of aircraft, uses a minimal number of rivets and has no horizontal seams or rivets, giving “unmatchable” cleanout and sealing properties. The smooth double-wall aluminum design provides an aerodynamic outer skin complimenting optimal inside cleanout.

The “first to market” open-end dual-aluminum-wall design allows easy cleaning and maintaining of the suspension and slope area from road contaminants.

Doepker also recently added, in two configurations, the Super B RockR and the Tandem Lead RockR side-dump gravel trailers, designed to create stable unloading. By removing only a couple of pins, users can choose which side to unload from. The trailer is coated with pure zinc on the complete steel outside for corrosion resistance before it’s primed, painted, and put through a heated cure oven.

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