The new Supra 950 truck refrigeration unit boasts the highest output of any truck unit made by Carrier
Transicold, and its sound output is said to be significantly lower than its predecessor.

The diesel-powered unit completes a two-year transformation of Carrier’s single-temperature truck refrigeration line, which also includes the Supra 550, 650, 750 and 850.

It will be popular for frozen applications, says Carrier, and for the leasing industry, where the varying demand on
daily rental trucks requires a refrigeration unit with the highest capacity. At 100 F ambient with its setpoint at 35
F, the Supra 950’s cooling capacity is a significant 32,000 BTUs.

Sporting a new ‘skin’ with a contemporary appearance, the 950’s exterior is made of a composite material that’s lightweight, damage-resistant and easy to clean.

Like others in the series, the Supra 950 was acoustically engineered to reduce sound output. A new, all-composite bottom panel seals against the housing, helping to buffer and redirect engine noise.

Maintenance is also easier, Carrier says. Basic inspections can be performed without opening doors or removing panels. Operators and technicians can easily check the engine oil level, check and add engine coolant and inspect the refrigerant level without opening the unit. Grab bars attached to the frame on both sides provide secure, convenient grips for service technicians.

The Supra 950 unit uses a 1.1-liter CT3-69 TriVortex diesel engine and a 6-cylinder compressor. The large engine and compressor deliver high-capacity refrigeration while running at relatively low speeds, which is said to reduce wear and tear on the mechanical system while conserving fuel. For even greater fuel savings, the unit can be optionally equipped with an electric standby motor for times spent at the loading dock.

All Supra units are controlled by the Cab Command microprocessor with a driver friendly in-cab digital readout.

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