Western Star has two new suspension options available. The first is the Neway 60,000-lb capacity AD 260 tandem air suspension from SAF Holland that’s available on all models using Dana D60-190 axles. It’s said to contribute to road-holding abilities and positive axle alignment, "virtually eliminating" tire hop and providing superior traction. The highest capacity air suspension in the industry, the Neway system also provides predictable roll stiffness for high-center-of-gravity loads – particularly important for front- and rear-discharge mixers.

As well, there’s the 40,000-lb TufTrac all-wheel-drive high-performance vocational suspension, a home-grown Daimler Trucks option, that’s available as an option for the Western Star 4800 with 40,000-lb axles. Specifically designed for on- and off-road high-articulation operations where it’s important to navigate bumps, ridges and washboard without bottoming out, the it’s said to be a lighter, more affordable alternative than the 46,000-lb option.

Additional benefits of the 40,000-lb TufTrac include a uniform load over each wheel, maximum traction and a smooth and quiet ride.

Both the Neway AD 260 Tandem and 40,000-lb TufTrac suspensions are now available to order.

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