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Tenneco unveils new all-in-one aftermarket solution concept

ATLANTA, Ga. – Tenneco teased some new ride performance and clean air solutions available today that it will show off on the show floor of this year’s North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

Tenneco’s compact and modular one-box solution includes all required exhaust aftertreatment components, such as DOC, DPF and SCR converters and advanced mixing technology, designed for compliance with Euro VI regulations

Tenneco said the products promise to reduce emissions, contribute to improved fuel economy and enhance vehicle performance.

“Tenneco is pleased to showcase its global expertise in complete design, engineering and systems integration, as we showcase our latest ride performance and clean air technologies at NACV that deliver smoother, cleaner and quieter mobility for the commercial vehicle market,” said Ben Patel, vice-president and chief technology officer, Tenneco.

At Booth 3810, Tenneco said it will exhibit its cabin dampers, axle dampers, seat dampers, lightweight torque rods, and spring eye bushings among other technologies.

What the company will be highlighting at its booth is its Beyond Euro VI Concept – a compact one-box solution that includes all required exhaust aftertreatment components, such as DOC, DPF and SCR converters as well as the company’s proprietary advanced mixing technology.

“It’s meant to be a demonstration of what is possible,” Patel said.

The concept box also features advanced technologies designed to support further reductions in NOx emissions and In-Service Conformity (ISC) requirements, including thermal management solutions such as lightweight fabricated manifolds and active heaters to support low temperature NOx efficiency.

Another important focus for the commercial vehicle market – driven by total cost of ownership and CO2 legislation – is waste heat recovery, Patel said. Tenneco is developing solutions to provide or integrate heat exchangers into the Euro VI box as a key component of Rankine cycle-based systems that convert wasted exhaust heat into mechanical power.

“At the end of the day, waste heat recovery is going to play a role because efficiency is so critical,” Patel said. “If you think about the end customer, the fleet owner, and how the biggest number on the page for him is fuel and total cost of owners, so anything we can do to help fuel economy and harvest that free heat is good.”

Tenneco said it will also exhibit its thermal management solutions, like its cold start thermal unit which offers an optimal solution, providing active heat management for rapid catalyst light-off and efficient NOx conversion through the full range of operating conditions.

To learn more you can visit Tenneco at booth 3810 at NACV.

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