A small rib protruding high on the sidewall of Michelin’s new XZA2 tire makes wet-weather driving easier for both truck and car drivers. The rib, running around the circumference of the tire, reduces the splash trajectory height by more than 50% compared to standard truck tires. The water that is kicked up – often into the path of other vehicles – has less opportunity to impair the vision of adjacent car drivers because it’s less likely to reach windshield height. By the same token, the truck driver’s view in his mirrors is much less likely to be impeded.

The all-position radial tire is optimized for splash reduction in steer-axle service, Michelin says. The XZA2 was actually taken off the Canadian market almost a year ago but is back in this new configuration.

The anti-splash XZA2 also sports “advanced-technology compounding” that’s said to help reduce the tire’s rolling resistance, increasing fuel-efficiency, durability and casing endurance. More than 7000 trapezoidal micro-sipes on the tire’s groove edges help to break water surface
tension to promote improved traction on wet and slippery roads. With its patented shoulder-groove design, the new tire also offers enhanced resistance to uneven shoulder wear.

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