Truck-Lite has released the Super 80 LED Interior trailer lamp, a new line of brighter, white LED lamps designed to be direct replacements for most popular sizes and shapes. The company says LEDs in trailers provide a brighter, whiter light that allows a more realistic view of trailer contents. The Super 80 lamp is said to be up to 4 times brighter than the incandescent lamps it replaces.

LEDs are also more effective in cold environments like those in refrigerated trailers and winter operating conditions. Nor do they flicker like fluorescent lights, Truck-Lite says.

The aluminum housing of the new lamp weighs in at only two pounds and has a recommended cut-out of 16×4 in. They’re 1.1 in. thick, compared with 1-5/8-in. for fluorescents, leaving more clearance for loads or loading equipment. The lamp protrudes only 0.1″ above the mounting surface. A new potting material completely encapsulates the LEDs’ circuit board to ensure resistance to shock, vibration and fluids from cleaning activities.

Most trailer lighting operates between 9 and 11 volts, but Truck-Lite’s Super 80 will function from 7 to 16 volts. Standard fluorescent lamps don’t work below 10 volts. The lamp’s 10 LEDs will reach full brightness at 9.5 volts.

Super 80 lamps are eligible for Truck-Lite’s exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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