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Trucker Path app now comes with parking prediction feature

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Trucker Path announced today that it has added a new Parking Prediction feature for its trip planning app used by over 600,000 active truck drivers.

The Parking Prediction feature compiles four years of data and over one million monthly community-powered parking updates. With the updates, the feature provides users a percentage of parking spots available at a location during a given period of time.

The percentage with also be accompanied by a color coding of either red, yello,  or green. Red, indicating a range of time when parking is full at a location; Green, indicating when there are plenty or lots of spots available for truck parking; while Yellow will show that there are some spots. Users can find the new feature in the details of a given location.

“The lack of available truck parking is both a hazard to driver safety as well as a costly burden facing trucking companies,” said Trucker Path CEO and co-founder Ivan Tsybaev. “Our app has been instrumental in helping truck drivers and fleets operate more efficiently by providing real-time insights regarding truck parking; however, there has yet to be a tool like this to help predict ahead of time. We are excited about the potential impact this new parking prediction feature will deliver as the most reliable means to find truck parking.”

Users of the crowd-sourced app have made over 25 million truck parking updates, which are displayed in real-time to the rest of the community if there are spots available at over 11,000 locations, including over 6,000 truck stops, both chain and independently owned. The Trucker Path app has over 270,000 total truck parking spots in its database.

Now, drivers can determine which locations are best to find parking prior to the expiration of their hours-of-service. The history of parking statuses at a location will continue to be displayed as well.

Recently, the Trucker Path app reached key milestones, surpassing two million installs and 550 million total app sessions.

“Our data reveals that using Trucker Path saves a truck driver an average of 11 hours per month and we’re confident this feature will further cut down on wasted driving time,” Tsybaev said. “Now, drivers can spend less time worrying about where they will stop to rest and instead focus on increasing earning potential.”

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1 Comment » for Trucker Path app now comes with parking prediction feature
  1. Robert Allard says:

    Good idea I did use something similar last summer while going to the Mid West and it is some how of a good planning tool but all of us know that you have to be to a truck stop early around 1500 hrs if you want a parking spot so if you start at 0500 hr it would work with the Electronic log machine.
    Another thing Fying J start taking more free parking spot off to pay to park scam go figure now a driver would have to pay to park it is ridiculous.

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