To some people, trucking is a way-of-life business. To Randy Cox, an Idaho driver who hauls potatoes all over the northeastern U.S.A., trucking’s a big game. A game he invented, to be precise. And if you see him drive by in his Freightliner, you’ll see the graphics for ‘My Truckin Luck’ — a board game that he invented — splashed across the side of his trailer.

The game retails for US$24.95 from an online store. It’s designed for players 14 and up and is sort of like an 18-wheel version of Monopoly if you mix it up with Snakes and Ladders and… err, something else. Cox, 55, and his family have been working on the project for two years.

A Canadian version is coming but so far it only encompasses the U.S. In fact, if you lose, you could get banished to the great white space that represents the Great White North. The coming Canadian version will include elements based on the experiences of ice-road drivers.

The game takes players through a race across 48 states and they run into things like weigh scales, HOS problems, storms, flat tires, everything real truckers face, except it’s all pretend. (One rule that mimics life: when you land in Vegas or Atlantic City, you MUST gamble.)

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