uStart systems now supported by Bluetooth

John G Smith

Ioxus has unveiled a new Bluetooth interface for its uStart intelligent power management system – a device that incorporates ultracapacitors, microprocessors and other smart power electronics.

The connection makes it possible to remotely check battery voltage and uStart status, or use the system’s jumpstart capabilities, without needing to access the battery box.

Drivers can now monitor battery voltage and uStart status to tell if their vehicle needs to be started to charge batteries. The system also allows for uStart and battery health to be checked remotely, without connecting any diagnostic tools.

Technicians can place uStart into a run or maintenance mode without accessing controls on the device, too.

Jump starting is now possible without pushing a button on the uStart or connecting jumper cables or chargers.

uStart systems can be dropped in to replace Group 31 batteries, and are available for Class 6 package and delivery trucks, Class 7 and 8 day cabs, and tractors with up to 12-liter engines. They can be installed by an OEM or retrofitted.

The company says the devices will save $11,000 over the life of a truck by reducing battery purchases, eliminating jump starts, reducing starter replacements, reducing alternator work, and increasing electronic component life and reliability.

John G Smith

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