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Webasto’s cab cooler earns CARB approval

FENTON, Mich. -- Webasto has received Californias Air Resources Board (CARB) approval for its BlueCool Truck bunk c...

FENTON, Mich. — Webasto has received Californias Air Resources Board (CARB) approval for its BlueCool Truck bunk cooler.

Out of all the CARB-approved devices, Webasto states that its BlueCool Truck “is the only engine-off technology that has no emissions when in use.”

“At first glance, people sometimes think BlueCool Truck is a new kind of auxiliary power unit (APU),” said John Thomas, vice-president of marketing, Webasto Product North America. “But BlueCool Truck isn’t an APU at all. It’s a technologically-advanced energy storage system which harnesses the kinetic energy of the truck’s drivetrain, while travelling down the road, and stores it as potential energy in the BCT storage core. When needed this potential energy is released again as kinetic energy on demand, to cool the bunk area.”

“The BCT system requires no additional batteries, for instance, and when in discharge mode uses absolutely no fuel and produces no emissions,” Thomas added

In overall terms (factoring in the minimal fuel used to charge the system while driving), Webasto’s BlueCool Truck system uses over 80% less fuel than an APU, and 90% less fuel than an idling truck, according to Thomas. Via fuel cost savings, operators and truck owners can pay back their investment in BlueCool Truck in around half the time it would take with an APU, especially when you consider the additional maintenance costs that are necessary to keep an APU running, added the vice-president.

“That’s more dollars in truck owners’ pockets faster. BlueCool Truck is a better, cleaner, more cost-effective, more efficient solution to the difficult and complex idling restrictions all truck owners and operators are facing.”

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