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Yokohama offers high mileage, long life, low rolling resistance tire

LANGLEY, B.C. -- Yokohama Tire Canada has a new tire designed to offer high mileage, long casing life, and low roll...

LANGLEY, B.C. — Yokohama Tire Canada has a new tire designed to offer high mileage, long casing life, and low rolling resistance.

In addition to a specialized deep-tread, low rolling resistance design specific to each use, the new line utilizes a new mixing process called “Z environment,” which creates a more pliable rubber that offers a long casing life for reduced heat build-up, greater durability and extended retreading cycles, according to the tire manufacturer.

“High fuel prices mean the economics of operating a medium truck are under assault,” says Brad Sherwin, the marketing communications manager for Yokohama Canada. “Every aspect of tire performance from low rolling resistance for greater fuel economy, to increased durability and protection from road hazards, to extended tread life and reliable casing performance for retreading can contribute to reduced costs. These new tires are designed to help today’s operator improve operating expenses at every level.”

The longer tire life also has environmental benefits, adds Sherman. “A longer life for the casing ultimately means fewer resources are required to create new ones.”

New technologies in the factory processes, along with new designs and new construction have contributed to the improved performance, Sherwin says, but the common factor in all the tires is the rubber mixing process. A lower temperature/higher torque mixing technique creates a better and more uniform dispersion of carbon in the rubber, according to the company. “This results in rubber that is more pliable yet maintains its strength, and helps create a casing with improved durability and longevity crucial for many cycles of retreading.”

The first three new models will be available as a premium drive tire for long haul highway applications (703ZL), a premium regional rib tire (103ZR) and a premium on/off highway tire (501ZA). All three will be available starting in September. Yokohama is offering a seven-year limited warranty with unlimited retreads for highway-use tires.

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