ZF disc brakes now option on International LT, RH

by Today's Trucking

Wabco Maxxus L2.0 air disc brakes are now available as an option on International LT and RH Series trucks, ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control System Division has announced.

The air disc brake range has proven itself over 10.5 million kilometers of on-road testing, and weighs in at just 66.9 lb. An International LT or RH vehicle with the optional Wabco Maxxus L2.0 brakes will be about 80 lb. lighter than one using standard air disc brakes, the company says.

There are also 43 fewer parts when compared to competing double-piston air disc brake designs, while other features support faster serviceability, ZF says.

Central to the design is an advanced adjuster mechanism that maintains the optimal running clearance between the brake pads and rotor, even under extreme conditions, to minimize the risk of hot runners. A taper wear mitigation system with an integrated pressure plate and larger piston are also designed to deliver precise pressure across the pad face.

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