B.C. lays out new guidelines for pilot car operators

by Truck West

VICTORIA, B.C. – British Columbia’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure launched new guidelines for pilot car operators, which clarifies the requirements for travel set out in provincial permits for oversize and overweight loads.

“As outlined in B.C. on the Move, our 10-year transportation plan, we committed to reviewing B.C.’s pilot car requirements and developing clear guidelines for pilot car drivers to operate by,” said Transportation and Infrastructure minister Todd Stone. “This new manual clearly lays out requirements for the pilot car operator, from equipment they must carry to driver movements, to make our highways safer for all motorists.”

The B.C. government said the new manual, which is the first of a two-part pilot car requirement review, is the most complete guide in Canada for pilot car operators. In addition to safety requirements, the manual includes route planning, contingency plans, pre-trip meetings, check required prior to travel, equipment and communication, traffic control and pilot car movements.

The second part of the review will include looking at the number of pilot cars required when escorting oversized loads throughout the province of B.C.

Any truck carrying an oversized load on B.C. highways or side roads must be ushered by a pilot car, but the requirements vary depending on the type of load, time of day and kind of road, which can make the process complex compared to other jurisdictions, according to the ministry.

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  • It is great that new requirements for Pilot car drivers are coming down the pipe.
    However it seems that easy target is being picked on. We will be giving pilot car driver certification and making them meet a standard however a heavy haul or low bed operator still has no standard to reach. In addition carriers as well are not required to meet any standard before operating heavy loads or complex load on our highways.
    Before we go any further training and a standard should be established or not only drivers but also carriers before they are allowed to operate these types of vehicles or Loads.
    Under this circumstance where pilot car drivers are now going to be trained they will be have a higher degree of education than most of the drivers actually in charge of the movements.

  • I need to know where I can get complyent I brought my pilot truck out from Saskatchewan live on Vancouver Island now and want to work here pilot truck all set up need to get to work.
    Pilot truck services
    306 461 0093

  • Fun fact
    A Pilotcar is referred to a Pilotcar as to not create any confusion with the Trucks in which they escort.
    When the sign is down they are called a “pickup ” ;

  • need to know what I need to be a legal pilot car operator please. I have the truck and pilot car lights.

  • Good day all,
    do we need a pilot car if we haul a 80,000 lb machine on a 7 axle trailer? The dimensions are all good.
    thank you