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Bendix promotes US bill that would provide tax credits for safety systems

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Bendix officials were in Washington this week to lobby for an initiative that would provide US ...

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Bendix officials were in Washington this week to lobby for an initiative that would provide US companies with tax credits on safety systems.

The proposed Commercial Motor Vehicle Advanced Safety Technology Act of 2007 (or H.R. 3820) was introduced in October of 2007 in the US. It would provide a tax credit equal to 50% of the cost of qualifying vehicle safety systems such as: stability systems; collision warning systems; lane departure warning systems; and brake stroke monitoring systems.

Bendix sent Scott Burkhart, vice-president of the controls and modules group, and Fred Andersky, marketing manager, electronics, to address the issue. They met with members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure and Ways and Means committees, the Senate Commerce and Finance committees, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board.

“By offering meaningful tax incentives to fleets and heavy vehicle operators that implement active safety-enhancing technologies, H.R. 3820 could help ensure not only the safe operation of commercial vehicles, but also the safety of our nation’s roadways,” Burkhart said.

Electronic stability systems and adaptive cruise control were highlighted as potential life-savers by the Bendix representatives.

“No safety system can compensate for less-than-safe driving practices,” Andersky said. “But active safety technologies such as Bendix ESP and Bendix ACC were created to help good drivers avoid bad situations by intervening under dangerous and threatening conditions. H.R. 3820 could help make these technologies more affordable and accessible, ultimately contributing to safer highways. Bendix is committed to educating legislators and regulators about the importance of any legislation that could promote the adoption of these vital safety technologies.”

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