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CTA applauds new Canadian consulates

OTTAWA, Ont. -- The CTA is applauding the federal government's recent decision to open new consulates in the U.S.

OTTAWA, Ont. — The CTA is applauding the federal government’s recent decision to open new consulates in the U.S.

“This important announcement signals that concentrated efforts will now be taken to improve Canada’s presence in the U.S.,” David Bradley, CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance, said yesterday.

Canada will open seven new consulates in the United States, upgrade two consulates to consulates general and appoint 20 honorary consuls.

The move is intended to strengthen Canada’s capacity to advocate its interests in vital economic, political and security matters, and to develop innovative strategic partnerships in emerging U.S. economic power centres, according to officials.

"Perhaps our greatest economic advantage of having the best access of any foreign country to the United States market is also our greatest economic vulnerability.

“No major industrialized country in the world is as dependent upon trade with the United States as Canada is and our trade status with the United States is the greatest economic factor facing our country today.

“We need to ensure that we are ‘on the ground’ in the US not only to reinforce our current trade status, but to position Canada for new opportunities. The Canadian government is to be applauded on this initiative,” said Bradley

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