Driver involved in Humboldt collision pleads guilty to all charges

by Truck News-West

MELFORT, Sask. – Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, the driver of the semi-truck involved in the Humboldt Broncos bus collision, today plead guilty to all 29 charges against him.

Sidhu, 29, was charged with 16 counts of dangerous driving causing death and 13 counts of dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

Media reports indicate it could take up to five days before sentencing is announced, and the case was adjourned until Jan. 28.

Following the release of a study by McElhanney Consulting Services, which recommended 13 safety enhancements to the intersection where the incident took place, the judge for the case granted more time for Sidhu and his lawyer to enter a plea.

Sidhu, a Calgary resident, was arrested July 6 at his home. He was a driver for Calgary carrier Adesh Deol Trucking, of which the owner, Sukhmander Singh, faces eight charges of not complying with federal and provincial safety regulations.

Sidhu faces a maximum sentence of 14 years for dangerous driving causing death, and a max of 10 years for dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

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  • A terrible unfortunate “accident” occurred no doubt . However , could it have been prevented ? And what measures could have prevented this unfortunate experience affecting so many lives ?

    Let’s look at the definition of the word accident :
    “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.”

    Due to this “unintentional incident” which could have been prevented , much loss and pain has occurred .

    Quote :
    ” Following the release of a study by McElhanney Consulting Services, which recommended 13 safety enhancements to the intersection where the incident took place ” …………………..

    Who could have helped to prevent the need for safety enhancements in the first place and potentially help prevent this unfortunate accident if they themselves acted responsibly ?

    Then , let’s question the driving school’s training program . Who licensed that particular school and gave them the right to train “truck drivers” based on the “acceptable ” training standards that they applied ? Who granted him a license based on the training he received which “they”deemed “acceptable” ? Who’s test did he pass that considered him knowledgeable enough to obtain his license ? Who’s standards did he follow ?

    Apparently the government has been very negligent and isn’t taking responsibility concerning this issue . They grant licenses to people who are unqualified based on ignorant government standards which deem people qualified . Therein lies a huge flaw in our(your) system . We(you) elect people who themselves are unqualified in regards to structuring acceptable levels of knowledge to render road transport and driving safe .

    We allow lobbying groups to CONvince government to implement certain laws that benefit who ???

    In conclusion : The one’s responsible for creating an acceptable training program based on proper standards to properly educate this driver have failed .

    – The one’s who created this acceptable standard are also the one’s who granted him a license .

    Who are these people who create , accept , and license such mediocre educational programs that lead to such preventable horrific incidents ? This driver is a victim of government ignorance and neglect . The government themselves have a Duty-Of-Care responsibility in this unfortunate event . “Professional” drivers are pressured with a tremendous amount of “expectations” , ie: they are “suppose to know ” ………… However, if drivers and the general public depend on a government system to educate them , and this educational system is mediocre and extremely ignorant and negligent , then are we not ignorant ourselves if we are to expect higher awareness from the one’s who follow and depend on such a system ?

    Granted that driver was behind the wheel and has a responsibility . But let’s be fair , this could happen again , and again , and again . We want to prevent this and it is not by using a stick . It’s by applying righteous knowledge .

    Let’s look at another point .

    The “justice system” …………..
    You go to court . In their court , you need to be educated in their field , and if you are not , then you need to hire someone to represent you who is , otherwise you won’t understand their jargon etc. But a “jury , is not educated in this field , nor are they “qualified” to render a proper judgement . However, the “system” that imposes that you or the “lawyers” involved need to be , do not require it when it concerns the one’s who will render a judgement upon you aside from the “judge ” who he/she themselves are obliged to be educated in this particular field . And we all know that an awfully amount of people have been rendered guilty and lost their freedom when in actuality they were not guilty . History is filled with such facts and stories .

    Perhaps it is grand time that the people awake . But does the system and or those behind it really want this to happen ? I doubt it .

    Ponder on that for awhile ………………

  • Allow me to go a little step further in all fairness concerning certain laws .

    Are we not all expected to follow the laws ? Or are certain one’s deemed to be exempt ? If there is a stop sign , are we not all expected to stop ?

    How about wearing seatbelts ? Is this law only for a certain few ?

    If a vehicle is on a roadway , the driver and passengers are expected to wear a seatbelt for their “safety” by “LAW” . The exemption would be for motorcycles , bicycles(let’s call them “two wheelers”)

    Then why are passengers in buses exempt from following this law ? We depend on school buses to transport our children to schools , and the buses that transport them have no seatbelts to “protect” them ? Why ?

    Do these buses on our roadways have speed limiters ? Why not ?
    How many buses have we seen speeding over the limit ? Too many to hold count .

    There again , why ? Lack of proper training ? Lack of knowledge ? Lack of responsibility ? Lack of common sense ? Who has neglected to enforce this law in buses ? What is their excuse ? There is no excuse ! Politicians tend to have children too . However, they have neglected to even protect their own children and the general public in buses with the same laws that they impose on the rest of us ,BUT , they do apply the seatbelt law on their own children when riding in another motorized vehicle(aside from a bus) such as their own ! How negligent and ignorant is that ??? And these people create laws ! And we elect them !

    I think it is grand time that we as a whole awaken in this Aquarian age .

  • There we are, the Humboldt truck driver pleaded guilty to all counts. Anyone with a bit of an understanding of how accidents happen, and that accident scene in particular, always knew that he caused the accident. But, right after the accident, do you recall the outcry in the trucking industry directed at anyone who suggested the truck driver was at fault? Do you recall all the people who tried to argue in the driver’s defence? Closing ranks is a fine thing when someone is being accused of something he did not do. But there is way too much aggressive and reckless behaviour out there among truck drivers these days. We need to recognize that and try to prevent it . Sadly, truck drivers are too often the cause of accidents. We have lost a lot of the professionalism we once had in this industry. We desperately need to find a way to get it back. Defending the wrong actions of other drivers is not the way to do that.

  • It is a real shame that almost a year has gone by and STILL none of the recommendations have even started to be implemented for that intersection. Once again all government talk and no action. Strike another committee or hire another consultant to make the same recommendations. I’m not sure why the people of Sask are not outraged by that alone. The Sask government says truck drivers will need 120 hours of training – how many of those 120 hours are actually behind a wheel? That only amounts to 2 weeks of training, based on a work week of 60 hours which most truckers put in. Book learning does not equate to the real world that truckers are faced with every day. Not enough folks!! In BC we have had many, many bus accidents and still not requirement here for seatbelts in either commercial buses or school buses. Why not? Have not enough people been hurt and killed to make this mandatory. Hmm should we do another study!!!!

  • Why are truck drivers always being pointed out ? Why ? Perhaps it’s due to semi trucks being the biggest vehicles on the road and when they’re involved in an accident it’s dramatic due to their size and impact .
    However , perhaps we should look a little deeper and rather than responding to the “effect” , we should focus on the cause . The cause is due to a lack of knowledge , carelessness , and a lack of proper training . Before a person becomes a truck driver , 99.9% of the time they have been licensed to drive an automobile , pick up truck etc ,which corresponds to a class 5 .
    Let’s take a look at the way class 5 holders are trained , taught , and drive . Oh my goodness , now we realize the “cause” . If a “driver” is properly taught at the beginning of their driving education , then we would eliminate the carelessness , the bad habits , and render drivers preventive and prudent through a solid understanding about what driving a vehicle entails .
    To expect “drivers” to change their behaviors simply because they eventually drive a “bigger” vehicle is by far extremely ignorant . We must ensure that the “proper” training begins from the start of their driving experience , not assume that due to eventually driving a bigger vehicle that they will improve their driving by giving them a title of “professional” . We need to render them professional from the 1st day they are put behind the wheel of any sort of vehicle .
    Therefore the cause of the effect is found in class 5 driver’s lack of education and awareness which leads to a lack of understanding and bad behavior which is seen in class 1 drivers . Not all , but most .
    Therefore , it is much easier to prevent the cause through proper up brining at the child stage rather than at the teenager stage(metaphor) . It’s all about building a solid foundation of understanding at an early stage in their driving experience .
    It’s much easier to instill proper knowledge and good behavior than it is to remove bad habits and bad behavior .
    The next time you drive down a highway or road for quite awhile , pay very close attention to how those class 5 drivers behave . You can’t miss the danger that these drivers put themselves and others in . They swerve , cut , tailgate , don’t signal , speed , etc etc . I don’t see their motors being limited in speed . I don’t see them being limited in the amount of hours that they can drive . I don’t see them being tested for drug and alcohol use before having a right to drive .
    I could go on and on , but this message would never end . However, I believe you got the point , at least I hope you did . Perhaps those in a position of authority need help due to their lack of awareness themselves . Stop trying to eliminate the “effect” and focus on the “cause” instead . And I guarantee transportation will become and be much safer .

  • January 4 2019 !
    Another Bus driver accident involving a school bus carrying children to an elementary school ! And no , no truck driver was involved in this one either .

    Quote :
    ” the school bus driver, identified as 58-year-old Trina Woolard of Courtland, Va., was charged with reckless driving; fail to maintain proper control.”

  • Quote :

    ” LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An initial police report indicates a charter bus carrying elementary school-age football players from Tennessee was going too fast when it rolled off an Arkansas interstate last month and overturned, killing a 9-year-old and injuring at least 45 others.

    A recently released Arkansas State Police crash report says the driver was exiting Interstate 30 near Benton, 25 miles east of Little Rock, on Dec. 3 when she applied her brakes. The report says the bus couldn’t slow before it left the roadway , struck a ditch and overturned.

    The report notes “inattentive, careless, negligent or erratic” driving as a factor, but does not elaborate. A state police spokesman said Friday the crash is still under investigation and nothing has been forwarded to prosecutors seeking charges.
    The children from the Orange Mound Youth Association in Memphis, Tennessee, were returning home from a football tournament in the Dallas area.”

    What , no speed limiter ??? No seat belts ??? Inattentive, careless, negligent or erratic driving as a factor ???
    We appear to have a major bus driver problem ! 10-4 !
    I rest my case !