Fines increase in B.C. for not following chain-up regulations

by Truck News-West

VICTORIA, B.C. – Starting Oct. 1, truck drivers traveling in B.C. will face stiffer fines if they do not chain up their tires.

Base-level fines during previous winters were $121 for not carrying chains or not installing them when the law required.

This year, drivers will face a $196 fine for not carrying chains during the time they are required, and a $598 fine will be imposed for not installing chains during mandatory chain ups.

Winter chain-up in B.C. runs from Oct. 1 to April 30, with vehicles over 11,794 kg required to carry tire chains and those under 11,794 kg having to use winter tires or carry chains. Previous regulations only required vehicles over 27,000 kg to carry and use traction devices, and only one wheel needed to be chained during mandatory chain ups. New regulations are now clarified for all vehicles over 5,000 kg.

The stricter fines follow last year’s enhanced chain-up regulations, which the government said was to improve safety and reliability of the province’s highways during winter months.

During the winter of 2017-18, there were 35 extended closures of the Coquihalla Highway, 33 involving commercial vehicles. Following the new regulations, last year’s numbers dropped to 10, with nine involving commercial vehicles.

The government delayed increasing fines related to chaining up to allow the industry time to adjust to the new regulations.
B.C. chain-up regulations

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  • Truck drivers who don’t chain up fined $1000 and drivers who don’t know how fined $2000. Fines to company with fine doubling if not paid in 30 days and doubling again after further 30 days. After that company lose of license. This is a basic skill and if not done driver loses license because he does not have operating skills required to operate. They are dangerous