OTA weighs in on new Drive Clean program

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. – The Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) has given the province input on how its new Drive Clean program should look.

It also wants incentives given to fleets who adopt low-emissions equipment. The Ontario government recently announced the cancellation of the Drive Clean program for passenger vehicles, which will be replaced by an updated program that will focus on heavy vehicles.

OTA’s suggestions include:

  • The phasing-out the heavy-duty Drive Clean Program because of the overwhelming pass rates in the province;
  • Opposing a lengthy on-board diagnostic (OBD) test, and focusing on more impactful issues such as compliance with engine tampering to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions;
  • The development of a cost-effective and focused inspection program dealing with emissions systems and speed limiter component tampering;
  • The establishment of several working groups to explore, review and research procedures surrounding OBD testing; enforcement protocols, when a review of Motor Vehicle Inspection Station (MVIS) are triggered; and the various industry reasons for the use of delete kits to help shape future enforcement policies.

“OTA looks forward to working with its members and the MECP in working through these complex issues that will continue to level the playing field, reduce regulatory burdens and costs, and focus enforcement on the segment of the trucking industry that truly needs it,” says OTA president Stephen Laskowski.

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  • They should limit the maximum grant of $6500.00 per company per year The ont government should pay $ 400 towards diesel cab heater or max of $3;000.00 per truck for bunk air-conditioning. This should be limit to 2 trucks per company per year to showcase to the company that these systems are worth while. Electric plugs at 30 percent of all truck parking spots at truck stops and rest areas and receivers who discourage running parked trucks on their property. Ford should do this and change the cost of plates for trucks over 10;000 kg to cover the first 50;000 km then a 1 percent surcharge for each additional 1;000 km. Ford also needs to bring toll on all trucks over 100 feet in length in on the of 20 cents per km plus 1 cent per foot for each foot over 100 feet to help pay for this green plan and more parking.