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Western O/O group eyes expansion

KAMLOOPS, B.C. -- The National Association of Professional Drivers (NAPD) says it's time for owner-ops and lease-op...

KAMLOOPS, B.C. — The National Association of Professional Drivers (NAPD) says it’s time for owner-ops and lease-ops to wakeup or risk going the way of the dinosaur.

Darren Liebrecht, the group’s president, says no one is going to look out for the small operator who doesn’t first look after their own business.

“The people I have talked to in various businesses — driving schools, ministries, and carrier associations — say they do not care about owner/operator affairs, because owner/operators do not care about themselves,” he says. “Owner/operators are a dying breed … Lease/operators are being replaced by company-owned equipment and the need for owner/operator equipment is bleak in the near future.”

In an effort to help remedy the disturbing trend, Liebrecht says his group is set to expand out of B.C. and into the three other western provinces, too.

“Through an association we can change our businesses, legislation, and carrier contracts to benefit us all,” he adds. “We want to help the lease (and) owner/operators reduce their operating costs for fuel, tires and maintenance. This can be done quite easily if we work together as a group.”

The NAPD has contacted various suppliers in Canada that are international suppliers, which can reduce costs throughout North America. The membership dues are $20.00 per month and the savings in a year are sufficiently higher, he contends.

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