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Western provinces harmonize LCV regs

WINNIPEG, Man. -- The four westernmost provinces in Canada have harmonized rules relating to the operation of long combination vehicles (LCVs).

WINNIPEG, Man. — The four westernmost provinces in Canada have harmonized rules relating to the operation of long combination vehicles (LCVs).

A Memorandum of Understanding, signed by B.C., Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, creates uniform standards for LCV operation. Specifically, the MOU addresses: weights and dimensions or turnpike doubles; driver qualifications and training; maximum speeds; and hours of operation.

The industry immediately welcomed the changes.

“We are very pleased with this announcement as it will allow many firms, including ours, to operate LCV’s more efficiently while reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions,” said Don Streuber, president of Bison Transport.

“This is a significant step forward for carriers operating in the west,” added MTA executive director Bob Dolyniuk. “With one set of rules from Manitoba to British Columbia, we have everyone operating on the same playing field, which makes LCV operations that much easier for everyone involved. We look forward to continued work with the other western provincial associations and governments as we move towards our goal of harmonization for other LCV combinations, as well.”

“This agreement will benefit our trucking industry because it means big trucks travelling to and from Manitoba will have more consistent requirements including those for weights and dimensions,” said Manitoba Transport Minister Steve Ashton. “We worked with the other provinces and four western trucking associations on this harmonization, which will help trucking firms, industries, farmers and Manitoba’s economy by lowering hauling costs. We will continue to work with these groups to further harmonize trucking regulations.”

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2 Comments » for Western provinces harmonize LCV regs
  1. Gerry van Dyk says:

    Any chance you might let your readers in on LCV regs. agreed to.


  2. Rick says:

    Just amazing, the powers that be will allow the totally unsafe practice of pulling two 53 ‘ trailers down the highway BUT will not allow a truck with a wheelbase longer than 244″ to haul oversize loads without a 40 foot trailer in order to meet their ridiculous king-pin to tandem inner spread. The hauling of one 53 isn’t safe let alone two. You will never see a long ( by politians opinion ) wheelbase truck in the ditch during a winter storm as they are much safer due to the longer wheelbase. The operators of 53’ trailers hit objects with their tail swing, run over street signs, curbs etc, but politicians think this is done because of a longer than 244 wheelbase. The longer wheelbase is safer and better for our infratrucure as the weight is better distributed. The 53 foot trailer should be out lawed completely if the wheelbase can’t exceed 244″

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