Alberta RCMP seize firearms, arrest 11 at Coutts blockade

Alberta RCMP have seized firearms and arrested 11 people involved in the border blockade at Coutts, Alberta.

After searching three trailers early Feb. 14, police seized 13 long guns, handguns, multiple sets of body armor, a machete, high-capacity magazines, and a large quantity of ammunition.

“The group was said to have a willingness to use force against police if any attempt were made to disrupt the blockade,” Alberta RCMP said in a statement issued Wednesday.

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Police also cited the “militant mindset” of a small number of protesters, noting that a farm tractor and truck attempted to ram a police vehicle at 8 p.m. on Feb. 13.

“The Alberta RCMP will resume efforts to end the illegal blockade which has prevented access to the Coutts border. We encourage all participants who are involved in this illegal action to leave immediately or relocate to the designated site for the legal protest,” they added.

Blockades began to emerge at the border crossing on Jan. 29.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has been among those calling for the blockade to end.

“If participants in this convoy cross the line and break the law, I expect police to take appropriate action,” he said in an earlier statement.