Carrier Transicold APU powered by lithium-ion batteries

Carrier Transicold says its lithium-ion ComfortPro electric auxiliary power unit (APU) doubles the air conditioning runtime offered by some competing battery-powered APUs.

The system delivers 7,500 BTU/hours of cab cooling, and offers air conditioning that extends well beyond the requirements of overnight rest breaks and up to 17 hours in certain conditions, it adds.

Central to these APUs are lithium-ion batteries that charge more quickly that AGM batteries, and the power sources are also covered by a five-year warranty.

The overall APU weight drops 26% by using a pair of lithium-ion batteries, rather than the four AGM batteries used in Carrier Transicold’s standard electric APU.

The ComfortPro models come with an under-bunk climate control unit and programmable control panel, featuring a “cabin pre-cool lock” that waits for the cab to reach a certain temperature before the APU takes over.

Available options add heating, power for hotel loads, shore power connectivity and truck engine preheating.