Nova Scotia collecting comments on weights and dimensions

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Nova Scotia is looking to expand the types of roads that can be used when pulling more than one trailer, and introduce special move permit conditions, under a series of changes proposed under the Traffic Safety Act.

Public comments are now being collected on the proposed regulations that govern vehicle width, length, height, weight, and number of axles.

The regulations themselves are also being completely reorganized, and will also look to include long combination vehicles (LCVs) that were previously limited to pilot provisions.

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There have already been 2,000 comments on draft versions of the regulations, leading to the eighth and final draft that is currently open to public comments.

Consultations were previously completed around draft regulations relating to drivers, vehicles, rules of the road, business and licensing, roles and responsibilities, administration, and offences and penalties.

The new Traffic Safety Act, passed in 2018, is set to replace the Motor Vehicle Act that was written in the early 1920s. The last major revision was seen in 1989, and there have been 62 amendments since then, the government said in a press release.