Ryder closing six Canadian locations

Ryder System is shutting down six of its 44 Canadian maintenance and service locations in 2020.

“Ryder will continue to manage the service process through Ryder FleetCare, a network of more than 1,000 qualified maintenance providers, to ensure our customers’ vehicles are well-maintained no matter where they are,” the company confirmed in a statement.

The following locations are being closed by the end of February: Port Kells, B.C.; Edmonton, Alta.; Calgary North, Alta.; Saskatoon, Sask.; Sudbury, Ont.; and Surrey, B.C.

Sixty-seven jobs will be eliminated, but Ryder said it is working with impacted employees to help them find other employment opportunities within Ryder. Ryder has nearly 2,000 employees in Canada. Positions being eliminated include technicians, clerks, sales reps, supervisors and managers.