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SmartTruck unveils new fairing to optimize trailer gap

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — SmartTruck today unveiled a new LeadEdge top fairing, which it says helps optimize trailer gap and manage airflow over the top of the trailer.

The company’s latest aerodynamic device is installed on the top front of the trailer and weighs just 12 lbs, providing a fuel savings of 2%, according to the company.

The LeadEdge Top Fairing from SmartTruck.

The LeadEdge Top Fairing from SmartTruck.

“The LeadEdge Top Fairing has a patent-pending shape, which creates lift to reduce drag, similar to the lift that allows planes to fly,” said Steve Ingham, SmartTruck CEO, during a press conference at the American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition.

He said the latest fuel-saving aero device complements SmartTruck’s existing offerings, which he said can collectively improve fuel economy by nearly 12%. These consist of the: Classic Aero System undertray system (formerly the UT1); the Premier Aero System (previously known as the UT6+), which combines the undertray device with fairings at the rear of the trailer; and the TopKit Aero System, an alternative to side skirts that improves airflow at the rear of the trailer.

“With the LeadEdge Top Fairing, we can add incremental performance to the offerings we already have,” said Ingham.

He said no driver interaction is required with the LeadEdge Top Fairing and that it’s been designed to handle harsh conditions, including extreme cold weather and snow and ice. It also provides fuel economy enhancements without limiting access to the components drivers must examine during their vehicle inspections.

It’s also the first trailer aero device that can improve airflow between pup and twin-53’ trailers, Ingham added.

He said SmartTruck is beginning to gain traction in the marketplace, and has seen a 40% increase in its overall market penetration over the past year. The new LeadEdge Top Fairing has an MSRP of US$429, which Ingham said will deliver a payback in eight to 10 months.

James Menzies

James Menzies

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