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  • Chasing 10 mpg

    September 26, 2018 11:40AM by James Menzies

    Extended run with new Mack Anthem yields excellent fuel economy – even in the hands of a novice

  • Driving an electric Peterbilt 579

    June 27, 2018 6:09PM by James Menzies

    Everything about the driving experience is different

  • Driving the new Sprinter

    April 17, 2018 10:33AM by James Menzies

    The new Sprinter is safe to operate, fully connected, and highly versatile

  • Don’t call it an AMT

    October 19, 2017 1:35PM by James Menzies

    Eaton’s Endurant is the North American trucking industry’s first purpose-built automated transmission

  • Driving the new Mack Anthem

    September 20, 2017 7:08AM by James Menzies

    Who says efficiency and bold traditional styling can’t co-exist?

  • Driving the new Volvo VNL

    September 11, 2017 10:09AM by James Menzies

    Volvo’s driver-centric approach to the design of the new VNL has resulted in a truck that’s incredibly comfortable to operate, and spend time in

  • Driving Kenworth, Peterbilt trucks with new Paccar transmission

    August 24, 2017 10:39AM by James Menzies

    The new Paccar automated transmission completes its powertrain puzzle

  • Driving the new Volvo VNR

    June 23, 2017 3:43PM by James Menzies

    The design of the all-new Volvo VNR was heavily inspired by driver feedback

  • No one-trick pony

    April 22, 2017 8:42PM by James Menzies

    Kenworth’s new T880S vocational truck is more than just a mixer

  • Driving the Mack Granite, MHD with 2017 power

    December 27, 2016 7:00AM by James Menzies

    Latest emissions standards bring performance benefits, without adding complexity

  • Driving the new Mack LR refuse truck

    December 6, 2016 9:00PM by James Menzies

    Mack LR brings greater comfort, ergonomics and safety to the refuse truck segment

  • Driving the new Cascadia

    October 17, 2016 12:38PM by James Menzies

    New Freightliner Cascadia is a technology-loaded luxury truck

  • Driving the International LT

    October 17, 2016 8:13AM by James Menzies

    Navistar’s DriverFirst philosophy shines through with design of the new International LT

  • Driving the new Paccar rear axle, 2017 MX engines

    October 14, 2016 1:29PM by James Menzies

    Integration has been the name of the game as truck manufacturers have striven to bring unprecedented fuel economy to their vehicles, and Paccar has upped its efforts with the introduction of its first North American axle. “With the greenhouse gas

  • Driving the Peterbilt 567 Heritage

    August 8, 2016 6:12AM by James Menzies

    Old meets new with classic-styled throwback