All federally regulated truck drivers to face vaccine mandates in 2022

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Federally regulated workers including truck drivers will all face a Covid-19 vaccination mandate in early 2022, under changes being proposed by the federal government.

Up to this point, the on-road sector has been excluded from such mandates that were applied to the air, rail and marine sectors.

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The change comes as Canada prepares a mandate that will require border-crossing truck drivers to prove they’re vaccinated against Covid-19 by Jan. 15. U.S. regulators have announced plans for a similar mandate, widely reported to take effect Jan. 22.

Groups such as the Canadian Trucking Alliance and Private Motor Truck Council of Canada have suggested the timing of the mandates could present new challenges for already-stretched supply chains. The American Trucking Associations is fighting the U.S. rules.

The Canadian government says it will continue to consult with representatives of groups including small- and mid-sized employers to finalize the latest rules, and that it will develop resources to help implement the Covid-19 vaccination requirements with workplace health and safety committees or representatives.

“Many employers in these and other industries have already made vaccination mandatory for their employees. By doing so, employers and employees are helping to limit the spread of Covid-19 in their workplaces and their communities,” the government said in a related release.

“Vaccinations are one of the strongest tools we have in the fight against Covid-19 and in keeping Canadians safe and healthy. Through these requirements we help add an extra layer of protection in federally regulated workplaces,” said Health Minister Jena-Yves Duclos.

It will help us finish the fight against COVID-19 and help us sustain a strong and stable economic recovery,” added Labor Minister Seamus O’Regan.

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  • “It will help us finish the fight against COVID-19 and help us sustain a strong and stable economic recovery,” added Labor Minister Seamus O’Regan.

    Yeah,Only if we keep crossing. I was good enough to drive over the last two years (without getting sick) and NOW you’re worried about my health? Not likely.
    I’m a cross border southern reefer driver. I’m the guy who brings up your produce in winter. Expect higher prices in the grocery store because when I see a vaccine mandate,I’ll be taking a local job and most likely so will other drivers.

    • It’s going to get interesting, this isn’t the industry they want to target it will effect us ALL!!

      • You got that right! I only did OTR for 2.5 years but I’ve seen how important truck drivers are to the economy and to the survival of all people in this country. I didn’t realize, until I drove OTR, how the whole system works. Trucking is the only industry that will wreak severe repercussions on everyone if they decide to shut down. Instead of mandating vaccinations which aren’t even effective and can be dangerous, we should be mandating freedom and that means the choice to decide for ourselves whether or not we will get the jab.

  • “It’ll help us finish the fight against Covid19” – Right. Sure seems that way when they’re already carrying on about the importance of booster shots.

      • I’m al just a Kim/wife of a non trucker- but I read this publication bc of supply chain stuff and I know y’all are KEY. Thank you to all of you who will be brave enough to say “don’t think so” to the tyranny. You are appreciated

  • There are drivers that aren’t able to take the Jab. So is Trudeau government putting these drivers out of work? As cross border drivers most of us worked through the pandamic never even got sniffle,we kept the country supplied and going,now they are Forcing driver to get the Jab which is now going to put a stress on the supply chain. What ever happened to my choice. The flu over the yrs as killed more people than covid ever has,and i don’t take the flu shot. Shame on this government, they are becoming a communist country.

  • Silly nonsense that has nothing to do with health and safety, rather everything to do with control, power and tracking.

  • As of yesterday the madnatory vaccines in the USA were put in hold it will be confusing at the border do or do not need any to cross

  • I do not understand the reason behind making this mandatory, but why just federally reglated drivers, why not all drivers including provincial, city and couriers….oh and let’s not forget dock workers. While I believe in the vaccine, I do not condone the way our government is mandating these rules. It’s like they have a wheel and spin everyday to see who gets picked for mandatory vaccines on this day. There is no rhyme or reason. This will seriously deplete a shrinking driver pool as it is. Government spends to much time in everyones business as it is. How much control do we continue to give them???

  • I guess Jan 15 is my last day. I’ve had covid and it was no worse than any other flu. This insanity needs to stop. This should nevet be forced. The vaccine is there for those who want it. Leave us alone.

    • Same with us we are team drivers and we’ve had it, nothing serious. It’s just another excuse for them to destroy the economy. It’s all about the great reset,
      Trudeau knows how to get what he wants

  • We were the people that were expected to and did work every day from the start of this so called pandemic so that everyone else didn’t starve to death in the cold and the dark. We were expected to perform all of the duties related to our jobs without access to decent hot food, we were deprived of clean safe places to wash and maintain basic hygiene. We were denied access to decent washroom facilities not only by the service providers that we supported with our patronage over the years but by the very customers we delivered goods and services to. How many big chain distribution facilities did you deliver to and in fact still to this day deliver to where you are required to remain in your truck and not allowed access to so much as a washroom facility with hot running water. Sorry but a plastic outhouse without hot water for me to be able to wash my hands is not an acceptable washroom facility in my world, not even close.

    It is time we all took a week off. The grocery stores will be empty in 3 days. The gas stations will go dry in less than that. The police cars, ambulances and fire trucks will all be parked and out of fuel in a week. At that point the assclowns that run our governments at all levels with have a much clearer understanding of the true definition and meaning of the term “essential services”. This power play they are making has nothing on earth to do with anyones health or welfare, this is all about control, dominance and them proving they have the ability to exert their will over all the tax slaves on their debt farm. They have already made it crystal clear every day of the past 20 months that they do not care one bit about our health or welfare and that will never change until their precious “votes” are knocking down their doors because they are starving in the cold and the dark.

    • Awesome. Well said. I have experienced everything you said including a plastic outhouse in Minnesota at minus 20.

      But how do we coordinate this? Who will be our voice?

    • This is not a pandemic. Where’s the guy with the cart yelling, “bring out your dead!” The definition of pandemic is people dropping dead in the streets. We don’t see that. We just see big pharmavteamed up with the corrupt officials making money off of our tax dollars. We just see them squandering resources to make issues only to try sell more to alleviate said issues. These guys can all go to hell. I will quit trucking and work somewhere else if need be.

  • Good day , take the jab, I need my stuff delivered on time and not damaged‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ Or else

      • I love the fed up name lol. Were being forced at FedEx as well, honestly ill just wait to see the verdict theyre trying to tell me to get vax before the verdict lol yea right then they’ll say oh not mandatory. Dad died at 40 from a stroke and heart attack. The idea of taking a vaccine to hurt myself to protect others from a cold is absurd

  • Hello
    Will this apply to cross border drivers only?
    If a transport company does not do USA will this mandate apply?

  • It is not available nor is it recommended for me to get the covid shoot ..
    I have been driving truck sence 1989 i have been taking
    Essential and critical needs to Anchorage Alaska from Tacoma wa every week. The last three years. Whare many driver will not drive those ice conditions
    So now i will not be able to help insure many people have a reliable means for critical supply’s .
    It seems that is not quite right as we are a team truck gose straight through we literally don’t see anyone just border officers. As we carry extra fuel and make only 1 fueling at card lock as we carry 1608 Lt of fuel .
    I am worrie for people of Alaska as alot of the item are Quick freight and cannot go by boat even some cant do air do to the Altitude. This will hurt many people and is so sad to force people to get a shoot that you cant even give blood after getting this shoot. So many unanswered question i pray for covid nor this shoot dose not create bigger and more harmful problems in the future. God bless us all.

  • It is 43 years since I took an injection or a drug ( not even aspirin), not starting now, so dear public you had better start thinking about how you are going to get your goods because I am by no means the only one quitting.

  • When covid hit we were the superheros,we r overburdened with regulation with the do as I say governments. I used to cross the border for years got a local job now, I feel for all the cross border guys and gals just trying to do their jobs I too am naturally vacinated

  • I guess it’s time to quit cross border driving. Maybe find something local an be home every day or find another career and wait for this bulls–t to end.

  • Glad to see the comments here , it shows me I’m not alone against this evil government in what used to be Canada. No more trucking for me.

  • This is typical of Trudeau and his liberal government all BS this is the time for all truckers to go on strike all truckers go home for Christmas and don’t come back till January 15 then we’ll see what the government thinks of mandatory vaccine. And the people that voted the liberals back in need to rethink their government issues Trudeau and his liberal government are just for themselves they don’t care about the country so all truckers pass on the message and the media to start Protesting thank you

  • Those who don’t support this should stage a blockade of the trans Canada highway in multiple locations for 6 hours to show that we do in fact matter. Many including the willingly jabbed do not support this bill.

    • You show me who organizes something like that, and I’ll gladly join in!
      Canadians don’t move their asses unless they’re forced.
      Let’s blockade everywhere. Not for hours, not for days,… NO. Until they end ALL of this.
      Look at most of the US. They gave them the finger by non-compliance and boom, most states have no restrictions. Just “recommendations” … funny how a virus recognizes a border….
      Again. Who takes the lead in protests?

  • Limit the spread of Covid?? That’s why double and triple vaxxed are getting and spreading Covid. The vax does nothing to stop the spread. How did the new variant get here?? It wasn’t the unvaxxed cuz we can’t travel. You want to shut down the country and economy?? Then keep pushing mandates and breaking the law by trying to coerce and force people. If you choose to get it, fine, that’s your choice but don’t force it on others. It’s not a choice when you threaten peoples jobs and livelihoods. Enough is enough. This needs to stop. People need to remember that the government works for us and is there to serve us. Not the other way around.

  • Truckers never stop during pandemic.
    Trudeau, if truckers spread covid can you show me the data?
    I’ll never be sick!
    I think it s time to shut down canada.
    All truckers stay at home after 15 january and see what happen without trucks on the road!

  • E logs will cost more drivers than the vaccines but with both coming in at the Same time it could make a shortage of truck drivers. This might give the drivers the ability if small strike is planned at the same to get a fair hourly rate with overtime and get safer parking.

  • I like many of us was on the road the whole pandemic. We were the hero’s. How soon is Canada forgetting their hero’s. First the nurses and now us.
    We as Truckers face the most unsanitary issues everyday. We should have been dying en masse. Same with the nurses who worked right there. But no, we are still here. Now the government decides that a driver who is in the cab alone most of the time is at danger. The question is from what? The only danger I see is the government itself with their nonsense.

  • This shows how little respect for what the men and women in trucking have gone through the past 2 years.

    We have had to go without showers, access to food, washrooms, abuse and so much more.

    Now, to mandate we need a jab to continue to supply the country with toilet paper and iphones is…is……is…..

    I know a lot of drivers are leaving. We are done with the lack of respect. So many give up family, friends, lives for weeks at a time (or longer) putting in long hours, fighting weather, bad drivers, no parking and for all we give it is not enough. I know, not one politician could keep up with any of my brothers or sisters for one day let alone a week or a month.

    Maybe they should be in our shoes for a week.

    • Hey guys I live in Manitoba and haul Livestock in the USA. I think all American truckers need to just show up at the border to show a stance against the Canadian government. If my boss allows I will be crossing into the USA and back to Canada after the mandate, not being jabbed. I know of a few other guys that are doing that as well. If your able keep crossing especially if your hauling Livestock into Canada. They can’t hold you there because of your live load, they must let you go or they will have to deal with CFIA.

  • Truckers are the backbone of this once great nation, I lost my job because of forced vaccination, thanks to the province of Nova Scotia made a inquiry to drive the ice roads out of Yellowknife again but needed to be double vaccination, but just got a email today saying there is no need for vaccination now, HR asking if I still interested, change of policy because they are going to have no drivers to take their goods and fuel to the diamond mines, we the drivers have the power and we must harness it together with leadership to control them, stop the movement of goods, seize the power of change, they got it the truck brought it, stay home for Christmas, it might be our last one before the real crap hits the fan, the times are a changing and you deserve to be on the right side of history !

  • Hello is the fully vaccinated truck driver roule only crossing the Us boarder or inside Canada too , if transport goods to other terminals from nb to ns .or pei ? Without coustom contact?

  • Try to comply with the feds vaccine mandate in Ontario now! I started the vaxx process on nov 23 with my first shot. Was told I was eligible for second shot no earlier than Dec 14 (21 days). Showed up to get my second, was turned away as the province of Ontario changed its time limit to 8 weeks between first and second shot. So the feds tell us to comply, but the province says you’re not allowed to. Typical.

  • I think it ridiculous any company is mandating an experimental injection. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the so called vaccines are not efficient in limiting spread or preventing infection. These shots are causing more damage (especially in younger people) than the actual infection. Stand up to the Government, stop complying to their wishes and get back to normal. This is against our human rites, the Charter of Rites and the Bill of Rites. Stop this nonsense and fear mongering and just say no!!

  • I am concerned about what is about to happen here.
    None of this makes sense at all.
    Vaxxed or not
    Don’t support forced anything
    Slippery slope folks
    U think this is about covid
    Ya right

  • Truckers across Canada and the US need to take a stand we have the ability to bring the government to their knees, we are the people who kept this country going thru all this just to be pushed with forced Jabs that don’t work people are still getting sick. I will not comply!

  • Park if not vaccinated and I will make triple-rate taking the loads you refused.
    I am vaxed, boosted and healthy……show me the $$$$

  • I’m fully vaccinated but I do not agree with it. I wish the world would just open back up and let people choose what they want to do. Guess I will be even busier after January 15th

  • The only fight the government has is with the economy. I am already working on my exit plan.
    No more cross border. Not one more rule, not one more regulation.
    I park.

  • I hope this won’t stop a lot senior truck drivers from retiring even earlier than what they had planned
    , the anti Vax group is very addement. Hope not.

  • Stand strong truckers! These mandates are illegal! Safe and effective? Really? You truckers were our hero’s just like all the essential workers..meanwhile the elite hid behind their laptops in their basements. These mandates are not about our health whatsoever. The only way to wake people up is to hit them in their pocketbooks..then perhaps the sheeple will wake up to the corruption and tyranny happening worldwide. Do not comply…this is the only way we can unite and overcome the tyranny.

  • I might also add it is the governments full intentions to collapse the supply chain.This is all by design.So I would suggest that you stock up on food.

  • Trudeau sure know how the thank the most important ppl in our country. Truck drivers keep everything going for everyone, civilians drs nurse even to the Government. This is not a vaccine they are forcing bc it does not make you immune. The ppl getting sick right now are the vaccinated. I am not jabbed or sick but I know a lot of ppl around me double jabbed and sick as hell.This so called booster is exactly the same as the 1st and 2nd jab and ppl are still getting sick so what is the point of taking it. I know ppl struggling losing their jobs bc they almost died in the passed by vaccines and refused to take it. I can’t blame them. Truckers have so much power and I hope they use it to protect themselves and their country! Stay united truckers!

  • What if you are a truck driver that only works in a Canadian city locally and never crosses the american border or provincial boundary, are those drivers exempt from the vaccination shots? Note, the company employing me goes across the border and all the provinces

  • … help to the finish the fight against SARS-Cov2, Mr. Sam O’Regan says. Making a thing of just another metaphor. The people are not fodder and weapon[s] for a means to an end in this [virus] instance yet, a few thousand in the trucking industry will take your jabs. The metaphor “fight as in a war”, against a virus – is as pathetic as any Govt metaphors ever used, to get the people all ginned up about patriotism – when paying violence with violence in this case made billions for Canada’s Govt coffers. Salesman used by whores to money. By way of Govt F-E-A-R mongering; your Govt plays the end against the middle; then in the same sentence, comes back around to the same fear crazed people with the remedy for that which you told them to be fearful of. Disingenuous would not be my 1st word, Mr. Politician.

  • I’ve said from the start, the only way this thing ends is with truck drivers. All drivers shut down, the economy shuts down. Once that happens change happens, they remove the rope from citizens necks

  • I think this is the most evil plan to manipulate truck drivers to be pushed to be vacinated and all this pushing and forcing against peoples constitutional rights. And violates human rights based on such biggest fraud ever done in the world that is intended to paralize the economy and plan to destroy everything and has gone too far when we all know there to many side affects that has damage many . All be cause their plan is to destroy homes and is plan to continue to keep on lying and use deception against everyone

  • I’m a local trucker and this mandate for Otr truckers is Only going to make matters worse for the shelves & grocery stores plus other essential stores being filled. Truckers are a necessity. As I look at the job board wanted ads its tripled for truckers.

  • I wish they would define “fully vaccinated” for truck drivers who cross the border. If there are drivers already headed or in the US there a good chance they won’t make it back before that deadline. It’s ridiculous to think that this can happen in a matter of weeks for them when most of them haven’t been considered essential to get the vaccine to begin with…. As a transport drivers spouse this is disappointing.

  • There’s a simple solution. Stop all commercial driving January 15 for 10 days.
    They will beg you to drive again.
    Vaccination or not.

  • The Veterans fought for freedom and our Right to informed consent, to hear both sides of the science behind these vacc shots, and then to decide on our own. But the Federal and Prov Gov’ts won’t provide such info. Only the top figures are mandating this to what end? There is no fair examination of person’s applications for religious or medical exemptions and zero have been accepted. Even so who says by our Charter that we must submit to this dictatorial mandate. It’s ironic that such is pushed over vaccines that don’t work and are the least effective ever seen – they are chasing their tails on these viruses. Why should hard working people lose their jobs over political adgenda and ineffective vaccines.
    A half day strike blockade by each province at the borders will stop this mandate to truckers and to the regular person.
    I have lost my gov’t job by saying No and I can only hope that You will succeed by sticking together – you have the power!

    A friend,


  • I think all truckers should all camp at Justin Trudeau mansion n see how long he wants to play games. Make him pay our wages plus provide food n beds until he comes to his senses…. That is if he’s got any left. LETS FIGHT THIS STUPIDITY ALREADY!!!

  • I don’t think so !no mandate for truck drivers it is enough of this tyranny I don’t want to live in the Dictatorship period. !!

  • I lost my job in aviation in November due to the minister of transport’s mandate, and as much as I know how crucial you all are to the supply chain and working class citizens of this country who can barely afford their mortgage or rent, I fully support you guys parking your vehicles. It was gut-wrenching when only 3 people (including myself) out of my company of over 150 were put on unpaid leave, as everyone else hung their head and complied. Stay strong out there and don’t let anyone push you around, you are entitled to your own choice, any semblance of informed decision is out the window with all of these mandates and orders. Make them regret this mandate, stay united and park those trucks!

  • So I get a (vaccine) and I can still get the Chinese flu. Not get the vaccine and get the Chinese flu. Hmmm. I’m out. I got the polio and measles vaccine when I was a kid and to my knowledge I have never been retested or taken a booster. Oh and I haven’t gotten either of those. So is this a vaccine, I think not. One can’t fly or get on a boat unless fully vaccinated but yet somehow the kung flu is traveling. Seems suspicious to me. We can eat deer and squirrels, and wash it down with lake water. All this bullshit is why I recently quit trucking. Too many rules like left lane restrictions yet you want my money to build the roads. Heck I thought that clown in the white house was the most popular ever. He knows best right? I say all you retards that voted for him should do as he says. I truly hope that you truckers all quit and shut this muther down. A country boy can survive.

  • I wonder how many of these big wigs have investment stocks in the vaccine and the testing kits..thats the info that I think should be released to the public. The left knows if covid was to be downgraded they would loose not only their investment but also their control..

    • That’s a great idea. I work for dollar general and they told us we will never comply with a vaccine mandate.

  • Vaccine mandates for truckers is just stupid. They spend 98% of their days in their trucks alone! Idiocy! But that is what happens when we have an old geriatric weak wienie like Biden go along with radical socialist countries like Canada.

  • So 14 out 18 truckers my company are not vaccinated. My trucking company will have to close and grocery’s we get we won’t be able to delive. Makes alot sense . We already short drivers bad . Industry will crash .

  • It has now been proven the vaccines don’t work. Is the government looking into repealing such mandates, and looking into the side effects of these vaccines? As a driver I find it interesting that the facts are overlooked