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Avaal Technology offers intensive trucking logistics course

BRAMPTON Ont. -- Avaal Technology Solutions is offering a “Trucking Logistics Specialist Course,” an in...

BRAMPTON Ont. — Avaal Technology Solutions is offering a “Trucking Logistics Specialist Course,” an intensive three-month diploma program that teaches students how to integrate technology and various software packages in order to manage the daily functions of large-scale logistics operations.


The course will also focus on implementing strategies to economize the integration between divisions in an organization, while exploring the concept of supply chain management and its various elements, according to Avaal.


The company predicts that students of this course will acquire the necessary problem solving and analytical skills that prepare them to efficiently process large volumes of data, and utilize effective decision-making techniques to contain problematic situations.

“Students will explore the historical and present situation in the Canadian logistics industry and reflect on advancements throughout various timelines that have revolutionized current processes,” according to Avaal’s course description. “The course will explain the concept of globalization and the movement of freight between various nations, and the impact of such activity on the overall economy. Various models of transport will be explored with a key emphasis on the over-the-road transport sector, and the various strategies carriers use to organize large transfers of freight amongst several destinations.”


Students will also experience a ‘hands-on’ component where students will manage operations through complex software packages used for inventory control, warehouse, and fleet management.


For more detailed information about Avaal’s Trucking Logistics Specialist Course, call 905-595-1313 or visit

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