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Bendix reaffirms safety position

ELYRIA, Ohio -- In its newest position paper, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems urges the commercial vehicle indust...

ELYRIA, Ohio — In its newest position paper, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems urges the commercial vehicle industry to support and actively participate in activities that can improve highway safety.

In the paper, Bendix identifies the four areas as vital to the improvement of highway safety.

Exploration of incentives and regulation: support incentives, comprehensive testing and mandates that lead to the adoption of the advanced technologies that help prevent accidents. The incremental benefit of such incentives and regulations in terms of lives saved, as well as accidents and property damage prevented, is significantly greater than the cost of their implementation.

Engagement of the insurance industry: industry estimates show that large-truck accidents involving injury can cost an average of more than $200,000 per event, while those involving fatalities result in an average of more than $3 million. The insurance industry can play a key role in preventing accidents and driving down these costs by using educational programs, premium discounts, and even incentives, insurance companies can encourage their policyholders to incorporate advanced safety and accident mitigation technologies in their commercial vehicles.

Support of driver education, technician training, and problem identification: continuous education and awareness programming can help identify and correct brake issues throughout the year, helping to prevent brake-related accidents.

Development of advanced safety technologies: continued investment in the development of technologies will ensure the future safety of our roadways.

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