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CTA launches cargo crime study (April 09, 2010)

OTTAWA, Ont. -- The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), working in partnership with the provincial trucking asso...

OTTAWA, Ont. — The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), working in partnership with the provincial trucking associations, law enforcement and representatives from the insurance industry, has launched a study to examine cargo crime activity in Canada and explore possible solutions.

“The purpose of this study is to identify the trends in cargo crime across the country, identify best practices in combating cargo crime, and develop an action plan for  the private and public sector to address this important issue,” said CTA CEO David Bradley.

CTA officials said that though the law enforcement, insurance and carrier communities have all taken steps towards addressing the problem of cargo crime, the efforts are not coordinated, which has hindered the creation of a nationwide strategy to deal with the issue.

“This study will be the first of its kind in Canada and will provide CTA with an action roadmap to address cargo crime,” added Bradley. “There appears to be much momentum within the carrier, insurance and law enforcement communities to deal with this issue. The goal of this study is to focus these efforts in one direction by consulting with stakeholders and recording their recommendations on what needs to be done.”

Lansdowne Technologies – a company with 34 years experience in the area of security strategies, the preparation of public safety, and security policies, programs and plans – will coordinate the study. The study will involve a literature review and interviews with stakeholders concerned with this issue.

The study will be completed this summer, with the results slated to be discussed at a CTA workshop on cargo crime in Toronto Oct. 5.

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1 Comment » for CTA launches cargo crime study (April 09, 2010)
  1. David Robson says:

    I was trailer jacked at an intersection in Philadelphia of which the incident was witnessed by a police officer on his way to work. Needless to say he wasn’t going to confront the thieves without his sidearm.
    I would suggest GPS units on every truck and trailer. ( oh no, violation of privacy !). Make available more truck parking where truckers can congregate for a good nights sleep. When dropping your trailer in an unsecured area use glad hand locks or cone type pin locks. If I need to use on off ramp to sleep, I pick one occupied with other trucks.

    Other than that if you are victim to to a truck jacking you were targeted from the beginning and they have come prepared to take your goods.

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