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Fleet Engineers revamps brand, partners with Team Run Smart Pro

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Fleet Engineers, a manufacturer of aftermarket parts, has gotten a major facelift.


Fleet Engineers’ new logo

The company announced today it has rolled out a new, updated corporate logo and has released a new mission statement and updated its values in order to execute its vision from going to a quiet company to a major player in the aftermarket industry.

“(For more than) 50 years we’ve been a rather quiet company, we haven’t spent much money on advertising, but we have spent a lot of money on literature, product development and reinvesting in plant equipment and people,” said Wes Eklund, president and CEO of Fleet Engineers. “We’ve got a tremendous amount of infrastructure built, a good product line and we’re now just trying to pull it all together and let everyone know what we have and create the relationships that’ll take us to the next level.”

Eklund added that his vision is to more than double the size of the business in the next five years.

In order to fulfill this optimistic goal, Eklund said the company has hired a new experience quality manager, a new supply chain manager, new engineers and Ken Griswold, the company’s new v.p. of sales and marketing.

“(Ken’s) here to take us to the next level,” said Eklund.

Ken joined the company in September 2014 and since then has helped the company in many ways, but most importantly, he has assisted in refreshing the brand since it wasn’t a priority for the company since 1992 when it released a new logo. His work on the image of the company was completed in just 16 weeks, because of the small nature of the Fleet Engineers.

“It was time for a freshen up,” said Griswold. “So we softened up on the edges (of the typeface on the logo), and for the digital properties we really wanted to get the FE boxed up a bit more because for digital stuff, you need those type of standalone features.”

Team Run Smart’s Henry Albert

Griswold added that it’s always a good idea for a company to refresh its brand and look every 20 years or so.

“It really gives a fresh look to things,” he said. “But we didn’t want to change it too much so that (people) didn’t recognize it.”

As well, in 16 weeks, Griswold and Fleet Engineers helped produce a new product catalogue.

“We have all new product line literature,” said Griswold. “And before, we never had one piece of literature to say, here’s our door product line…we have that now. And the other very important thing is we now go from being just a parts supplier, to selling on features and benefits.”

The company also announced that it will be rolling out a new Web site in the next three to four weeks, and it will be advertising in trade magazines in the future.

In addition to the new brand image, Fleet Engineers took the time at their press event to publicize that it has formally partnered with Freightliner’s Team Run Smart Pro, and dedicated fuel efficiency pioneer, Henry Albert.

Albert owns Albert Transportation and has been using the company’s SmartWay verified advanced air slipper side skirts and AeroFlap mud flaps for more than three years. The company hopes this partnership with Albert will help increase product development opportunities and help improve Albert’s goals when it comes to fuel efficiency.

“Working with Henry and Freightliner’s Team Run Smart on this initiative is a great fit for us,” said Griswold. “We have recently realigned our product line offering and are focusing on increasing our value proposition to the market through our aerodynamic solutions, door systems, spray control, and parts and accessories for trucks and trailers. Our mission is to enhance overall efficiency for fleets.”

Albert also commented on the partnership: “My goal is to do as well as I possibly can on fuel. I’m working with Fleet Engineers because we have a mutual commitment to creating greater efficiencies without sacrificing performance. For example, the ideal configuration for a side skirt is to push it down as close to the road as possible, but there’s the practical issue of being able to operate the truck without damaging the side skirt. By working with me and other operators, the Fleet Engineers team is able to offer the perfect blend of maximum efficiency and maximum usability.”

Sonia Straface

Sonia Straface

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