Graham unclear on carbon tax plans

MONCTON, N.B. — New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham admits he’s aware that the people in his province overwhelmingly oppose a carbon tax policy. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t go through with it.

According to the Times & Transcript newspaper, the Premier is mum on a potential carbon tax proposal, but does admit that New Brunswickers’ negative reaction has been noted.

"Our government is attentive to that but we’ll only be (able to give) a proper response to the actual committee report when we hear it later this fall," he told the paper.

The similar tax proposed by the federal Liberals is also getting attention and there’s a possibility of both taxes being coupled if the Liberals are elected in Ottawa.

One group that’s been busy fighting the proposal in the ring of public opinion is the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association.
APTA Director Peter Nelson is part of an industry coalition that’s been actively lobbying against the plan.

Nelson insists that any proposed tax will raise all costs for several industries — especially transportation — making the regional economy less competitive.

"Here, in Atlantic Canada, we seek gateways to global success, not barriers to growth," he said at a recent federal Atlantic caucus meeting.


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