Grote plans to shed light on dim trailer interiors (August 09, 2006)

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MADISON, Ind. — Grote Industries has officially unveiled a new line of white LED lamps for trailer interiors, following the products initial introduction to select customers in July 2005.

The result of new technology and Grote engineering has created an 18-diode LED lamp for clean, bright, white light. Grote’s LED lamps also cast the familiar, broad light pattern of fluorescent lamps for optimum light distribution, says the company.

“This early in the launch, sales of our new LED lamps have rocketed past all expectations,” said Mike Grote, business development manager, interior lighting. “This is the solution the transportation industry, particularly refrigerated and insulated trailer haulers, have been waiting for.”

Grote’s LED lamps demand less power than other types of interior lighting. The LEDs draw only 2.1 amps for startup, compared to the 2.7 amps needed to start up a fluorescent lamp.

Unlike fluorescents, which take time to brighten in cold temperatures, Grote’s LED lamps snap instantly to life, according to the manufacturer. As well Grote’s self-contained LED units are far more tamper resistant than incandescent set-ups and LED lamps last, in many cases, for as long as the trailer lasts.

“For the most part, a fleet owner may never have to touch those lights again,” said Grote.

“Larger fleets would quickly see savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that’s only versus the cost of fluorescent tube replacement. There are other cost savings LEDs offer, as well,” said Grote.

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