Healthy Fleet Challenge participants lose nearly 500 lbs

by Truck News

LONDON, Ont. — The Healthy Fleet Challenge is over and in total all participants lost a combined total of close to 500 pounds.

According to organizers, participants lost 479 pounds over the competition, an incredible feat considering weight loss wasn’t even the focus of many users. Other results include increased energy, stamina, strength, and confidence.

Andrea Morley, nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Fleet, said, “Our participants exceeded our expectations once again. From a coaching standpoint, I gave them free reign on what areas of their health they would like to work on, and focused on educating them and motivating them towards reaching their goals. They each took responsibility, made a plan, and put it into action, feeding off of each other’s energy and ideas within the app.”

Here are the final results of the June challenge:


  1. Donna Benjatschek, Wowtrucks
  2. Fred Culver, Brian Kurtz Trucking
  3.  Jackie Mozil, Arnold Bros. Transport
  4.  David Benjatschek, Wowtrucks
  5. Marisa Lima, Brian Kurtz Trucking


  1. Eassons Transport
  2. Veriha Trucking
  3. Arnold Bros Transport
  4. VersaCold Logistics
  5. Brian Kurtz Trucking

The new Healthy Team app was well-received by users who like the ease of use and community support it provided during the challenge.

Fred Culver, the runner up on the individual side of the challenge said, “I really love the app. I’ve already made friends on it that aren’t in my company. It’s really a supporting community and I’m not one for social media but it’s been a lot of fun and there’s a lot of encouragement there. I really like the tips from the coaches.”

Roch Joly, a participant who has been driving for 31 years also loved the competition. He said the new app helped him shave off pounds by getting healthier meal ideas and encouraging him to be more active.

“Myself being a diabetic, I have to watch my carb intake and my sugar and this (app) has really encouraged me to avoid those foods, because you normally have to post your meals,” he said. “I’m trying to be more creative with my meals because you can see what other people are eating and read the recipes. Before I used to eat a lot of pastas and that has a lot of sugar and flour and I have to watch that. So now I’ve switched to vegetable spiraling as a substitute.”

Challenges are now running on a monthly ongoing basis within the app, and teams and participants can join at any time. The app is available for Android & iPhone under the app store, and is called Healthy Team. To sign up your company, send your logo to

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