Healthy Fleet Challenge participants are smashing their goals

by Truck News

LONDON, Ont. — The first leg of 2018 Healthy Fleet Challenge is in its final weeks, and participants are smashing their goals, according to organizers.

The first leg of the challenge runs January and February, and takes place in the Healthy Team app. More 20 teams and 200 participants have been sharing their workouts, meals, and more within the app, as they work towards their goals and climb the leaderboard.

Andrea Morley, nutritionist and health coach at Healthy Trucker said: “We’ve been seeing an incredible effort from our participants, and great weight loss as a result. We’ve been focusing on cleaning up bad diet habits and getting moving, and the participants have really created a community where they coach and encourage each other; it’s been amazing to watch.”

After the first month, the standings were as follows:

Individual Standings:

1. Ryan Woodworth, Veriha Trucking

2. Jim Manning, All-Connect Logistical Services

3. Glenn Caldwell, NAL Insurance

4. Michael Robinson, Challenger Motor Freight

5. Jackie Mozil, Arnold Bros. Transport

Company Standings:

1. Trailer Wizards

2. Veriha Trucking

3. Arnold Bros. Transport

4. Challenger Motor Freight

5. All-Connect Logistical Services

The challenge will wrap up February 28th, after which the final standings and weight loss results will be shared.

The entire challenge is run on the Healthy Team App (found in the Google and Apple stores) which allows drivers and staff to post pictures of their daily meals and exercise.

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