Insurer posts accident data online

LONDON, Ont. — If you knew in advance what sorts of conditions led to accidents, you’d avoid them, right? Of course you would.

That’s part of the thinking behind a new accident-registry system announced by NAL Insurance last week.

NAL is one of the fastest-growing providers of WSIB alternative insurance and warranty solutions in the country and counts more than 100 fleets across the continent as customers.

Last week, NAL announced that it’s adding an online registry to its list of free tools available on its web-based Fleet Administration System. The Accident Register captures all the information required by FMCSA, DOT and MTO.

The program provides comprehensive reports that enable fleets to better identify the common causes of accidents such as equipment, training, weather conditions, etc.

Says NAL vice-president and general manager Chris Henry: “By providing tools like the Accident Register, we are enabling our clients to operate more efficiently, which further strengthens our relationship.

“The benefit to the fleet is that the accident data is stored in a central database for each fleet instead of on paper or multiple spreadsheets, which eliminates multiple data set entry and retrieval errors. The Accident Register improves productivity and provides actionable information that can be used to reduce insurance and accident-related costs.”

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