Intermodal access benefits from federal funds

PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. — A $7 million project in Prince George, B.C. will include improving traffic flow to the city’s CN Intermodal facility.

The northern B.C. city is picking up half the tab, while the federal government — under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative — will invest the other $3.5 million.

Two projects will be undertaken with the financing and both are designed to enhance transportation infrastructure safety and efficiency related to the movement of international trade through Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor.

Improvements to two concurrent sections of River Road were selected for funding, following a call for proposals. River Road is the primary road access to CN’s Intermodal facility in Prince George and improving traffic flow along this corridor is essential to the community and the businesses that use this route.

The projects involve: upgrading of 1.9 km between Cameron Street Bridge and Foley Crescent; and widening of 1.7 km between Foley Crescent and the CN Fraser River Bridge and installing left turn lanes to access the CN facility.

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