Manitoba eases trucking rules

by Today's Trucking

Manitoba  LogoWINNIPEG, Man. — Manitoba has issued four temporary orders under the Emergency Measures Act to protect vulnerable sectors such as trucking during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The orders are retroactive to the beginning of the state of emergency March 20, the province said Tuesday.

The Trucking and Transportation Provisions Order extends the expiry dates on certain permits, certificates or registrations until July 31.

“We’re making responsible, common sense adjustments because it’s the right thing to do in this time of crisis,” said Premier Brian Pallister.

“We’re taking steps to extend permits and to safely reduce some regulatory requirements for truck drivers and commercial vehicle operators to ensure they can stay on the road and continue the movement of essential goods and supplies.”

Commercial vehicles operating between Manitoba and other provinces or U.S. states are registered under the International Registration Plan (IRP). Tuesday’s order extends the deadlines to pay IRP registration renewal charges.

In addition, the order:

  • Extends the period between required inspections on vehicles;
  • Extends annual overweight or over-dimensional vehicle permits; and
  • Extends safety fitness certificates for commercial carriers.

The order will also provide a temporary exemption from the need for single-trip permits for increased vehicle weights and for commercial vehicles from other jurisdictions, the province said.

Meanwhile, the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Credential Provisions Order suspends the requirement that a carrier licensed under the agreement must have and display credentials.

The province will not fine licensed carriers if their licensing authority was unable to distribute their credentials.

The requirement to obtain a single-trip permit for each truck entering Manitoba had already been suspended for the duration of the state of emergency.

The other orders issued Tuesday cover Youth in Care provisions and Student Aid provisions.

The province said it has the ability to revoke any of the orders sooner than stated if it deems necessary.

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  • What about helping the owner/operators with interest free loans. I don’t want it to be forgiven because this to shall pass, but the rates are in the toilet and there is no deck freight moving. Just because I am not incorporated (wish I was now hindsight), I am in financial trouble with no help for me.

    • I feel ur pain the government hasn’t help out the trucking industry one bit as we are supposed be front line workers

  • I got a $ 2650.00 ticket for being on a restricted road. I understand that is the law. Wish i could say officer ‘s name and I hope he is proud of himself. This is when we take the chance to deliver goods for his family with this virus affecting us. Hope all DOT officers in Manitoba are proud of themselves. We should be working together. that is what you geyt for helping people. How does people like that sleep at night. Should give him a raise