Manitoba to dial up cell phone ban for drivers

WINNIPEG — It’s becoming an increasing trend across Canada and it seems Manitoba will be the next province to crackdown on cell phone use by the motoring public.

The province’s cellphone ban was announced in last week’s throne speech and comes just a month after similar legislation was introduced in Ontario.

While Ontario’s law aims to make all electronic distractions to drivers illegal, Manitoba’s legislation will ban talking and text messaging while driving – as well as smoking in the car with children present.

Manitoba’s commitment to ban cell phones while drivers are behind the wheel has the support of the province’s trucking industry, according the The Manitoba Trucking Association’s general manager told the news service the association would have even supported a more widespread approach like the one in Ontario.

However, the MTA insists legislation should allow hands-free devices used by many truckers and other commercial drivers on the road.

Ontario became the fourth province this year to put a legislation banning cell phones in place. Quebec and Nova Scotia began enforcing similar laws in April, while Newfoundland has had one in place for a few years now.

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