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MTA to co-chair Bio-diesel Advisory Council

WINNIPEG, Man. -- The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is just one stakeholder that will be part of a newly form...

WINNIPEG, Man. — The Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA) is just one stakeholder that will be part of a newly formed Manitoba Bio-diesel Advisory Council.

The council has been established to help steer the development of the province’s agri-energy sector.

“Bio-diesel is an important element of our Energy Development Initiative,” said Energy, Science and Technology Minister, Tim Sale. “We are pleased to announce the Manitoba Bio-diesel Advisory Council as a critical step in examining the potential to develop this industry as part of our renewable fuel strategy in Manitoba.”

Diesel blended with 20 per cent bio-diesel (B-20) reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon monoxide by 11 per cent and unburned hydrocarbons by more than 21 per cent, researchers have suggested. In Manitoba, about 660 million litres of diesel fuel is burned each year in the transportation and agriculture sectors.

“Bio-diesel represents another economic opportunity for agriculture, including the livestock industry,” said Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister, Rosann Wowchuk. “The development of the bio-diesel industry could provide opportunities for livestock producers because bio-diesel can be made from animal fats. In addition, it can also be made from a number of feedstocks including oilseeds such as canola and soy along with waste restaurant greases.”

Bob Dolyniuk, president of the MTA will co-chair the council.

“We are pleased that Ernie Doerksen from the Canadian Canola Growers Association and Bob Dolyniuk of the Manitoba Trucking Association have agreed to co-chair the council,” said Sale. “We want to ensure that the recommendations of the council reflect the needs and concerns of the agriculture community and the transportation industry.”

The Bio-diesel Advisory Council is expected to hold its first meeting by early January. A detailed report is expected in the spring of 2004.

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