MTO grounds trucking businesses involved in ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has effectively shut down 39 trucking businesses in the wake of a crackdown on so-called Freedom Convoy protesters.

Responding to questions from, the ministry confirmed that 12 suspension and seizure orders were issued to Ontario-based large truck operators involved in the protests, suspending their operating authority throughout Canada, and issuing an order to seize all the plates registered to them.

Ottawa police break up convoy
Police cleared Freedom Convoy protesters from Ottawa streets after a three-week occupation. (Photo: Ottawa Police)

Protesters from outside the province faced sanctions of their own.

Twenty-seven seizure orders were issued to large truck operators from outside the province, banning them from operating any commercial motor vehicle in Ontario.

The names of the sanctioned businesses, as well as the number of affected trucks, were not revealed.

“In an effort to preserve future police investigations into the illegal occupation in Ottawa, the ministry will not release the names of affected businesses at this time,” a ministry spokesperson said.

Plates were also suspended for 24 passenger vehicles from Ontario, and 34 passenger vehicles from outside the province.

Ottawa Police say 115 vehicles were towed during the protests.

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  • The government has over stepped it’s boundaries. You cry when the product can get to the stores you cry when the manufacturers can get their products. But now you take their rights away when you need them most. Politicians and OTA and manufacturers of you think this emergency act and Doug Fords tantrum is going to help you it’s not it make the country the province more divided of corrupt politicians than it ever has.

    • Well said a lot truck drivers working support the protest about choice and gov controls. This is a very bad day for truck drivers and no foreign students should get driver permits for big trucks until issues like parking overtime pay hourly pay and medical coverage of they get injured or sick at work.

      • So government involvement is private trucking is bad, unless it’s involved in encouraging private business in providing socialist benefits? Just curious where private business should be left alone.

        • The gov allows foreign students to drive trucks cheaper than the cost to support a family. Too many disabled truck drivers end up being looked after by non-profit organizations in ont after gov cut funds for proper food or proper medical supplies in homeless shelter do want more truck drivers to quit

          • Just a guess you are disabled.

            People who can’t climb into or out of a truck should not be driving.

            I have no idea what that other stuff was about government subsidies. Maybe the people in Ottawa could have clarified where government should stop.

            Do you think it should stop at cottron masks? If so, get another job.

      • That’s rich cause products were getting to stores in these trucks on Ottawa streets or blocking the borders. Kick rocks bro they got what coming to them

    • All of the affected trucking companies were not doing any delivering or transporting or working during this 3 week Occupation. They had no intent on doing any of that for as long as this charade lasted.
      They deserve every punishment they get.

      • I’m flabbergasted that anyone think it’s appropriate to basically shut down these businesses. The protestors have been portrayed as occupiers and racists and thugs. Yet the only hate I see is from the people who want to crush them.

        • The only trucks that would have had suspensions would have been involved in illegal acts…including occupying roadways/infrastructure, obstructing police, etc. The only protestors portrayed as racists and thugs were the ones displaying such conduct. Perhaps you self identify with the latter?

          • Cathie Reid: None of the truckers were involved in illegal activities, that was a peaceful protest until our PM said otherwise & sent in his thugs to validate it & if only heard things from mainstreet media (that is supported by the PM) then you are getting false information.

          • Karen Kingsley: Every truck parked on Wellington St was parked illegally. Vehicles that size are not even allowed to drive on that street. Vehicles that are parked longer then 3 hours between 7 am and 7 pm in Ottawa are breaking Ottawa bylaws. Refusing to move an illegally parked vehicle will result in said vehicle being towed. None of these illegal acts are federal and nothing to do with the prime minister. Protesting in Ottawa is legal, occupying city streets is not. I was down there… I don’t need the media to tell me what happened. Protest as much and as loud as they want.. we all must follow the laws in place.

        • “I’m flabbergasted that anyone think it’s appropriate to basically shut down these businesses.”

          Are you saying they were not warned ? …..multiple times ?
          Choices have consequences.

          “The protestors have been portrayed as occupiers and racists and thugs.”
          …..because they were.
          – confederate and nazi flags
          – gangs harassing homeless people at food shelters
          – ‘protesters’ attacking people just because they were wearing masks
          When you claim you’re protesting for freedom, but attack the freedom of others, then you’re just a thug.
          When you have to defend the National War Memorial from your own fellow ‘protestors’, then you’re associating yourself with thugs.

          When you march with Nazis…..then you’re part of a nazi march. We literally went to war over this, and many died fighting this ideology.

          • Keep exaggerating with your propaganda there was only one person out of ten of thousands of people that had such a flag and was more than likely an sick demented individual like yourself trying to smear the situation You need to stop watching FAKE News and get yourself a psychiatric evaluation. You really need help!

          • you’re just repeating turdos bs lies. you need to turn off your tv.
            freedom of expression is now illegal and lost, along with freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of choice. ending the charter violating mandates and these loss of freedoms were exactly what the peaceful protest was about

          • I am a disabled homeless truck driver
            The homeless never ate so good . Some people say I should not drive if disabled yet the industry does very little to support sick and injured drivers. Ford go cuts funds 3 years ago saying it was a industry problem. Not the gov to provide proper food and medical supplies for drivers who got hurt at work or sick in the U S
            I and others camped out at queens Park from Jan 24 to March 17 of 2020

        • They weren’t portrayed as anything. A fair portion of the “protesters” were occupiers, racists and thugs. There is irrefutable proof of these things happening. If you don’t see it, you aren’t looking. ALSO… These people were granted commercial trucking licenses so that they could transport commercial goods. If they are using those licenses to anything other than that (ie: to occupy a city because they aren’t getting their own way), it is absolutely appropriate that their licenses are revoked. They are getting exactly what they deserve.

      • Did you see 1000, 200o trucks from 1 company there? If an owner operator from a company attended, why should the employing company be shut down?

    • Well over 90% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated and doing their jobs. The terrorist occupation of Otttawa has consequences. Government didn’t divide Canadians — the vast majority of us care about people besides ourselves. Health care professionals get to decide when mandates end — not random citizens. In other words, to anyone who supported the overthrow of a duly elected government: get out of my country.

      • They received warning after warning after warning after warning. And they stayed. Then they stood in disbelief as they were arrested. After being told, FOR DAYS, that they were going to be arrested. Thinking it was their “First Amendment right” to protest. Umm, are you gonna tell him or should I? I’m guessing no one in this motley crew was valedictorian.

        • First Ammendment right. Get your country country right before making abstract comments.
          Its Charter of Rights and Freedoms in my country of Canada

      • Are you for real, 90% !!! Vaccinated, what bubble are you living in? Need some oxygen, please,
        Wow, Get out of “your “country, wow I recall when users used to say,,, no the stuff doesn’t effect me when they were at 70,000 feet. Houston, hopefully we got one coming in from outside into orbit.

        • Wow, what did you smoke before you wrote that? Between your terrible use of punctuation and your own broken thoughts, that made absolutely zero sense. Unreadable

      • Thugs came up with the mandates in the first place. A jab or your job? No thanks. If you want to be a part of an abortion tainted and still experimental drug treatment you yourself should be the only one to make the decision. You should never be forced into a medical experiment against your will. There are other treatments for covid besides an experimental jab. There are other preventative measures as well. Locking down the economy for a small number of vulnerable was inexcusable, and part of the great-reset it looks like, and international agenda of leftwing utopianists once again.

      • Overthrow of a government? Really? That wasn’t even in any statements that the convoy made. Stop listening to jagmeet….it was a protest. Then yes it was an occupation….but at no point was it about overthrowing the government.

        • One of the demands wad that Trudeau step down. You are aware of the definition of attempting to overthrow the government right?

      • I totally agree. The government wasn’t controlling us.. they were acting on the recommendations of the Health care professionals and the science. I believe in this science and it totally astounds me that people like the protesters think they know more then these people. We are all tired and fed up with the pandemic and the restrictions that came with it…. but you didn’t see the rest of us out there terrorizing citizens and creating havoc in Ottawa and at International bridges. The protesters say they represent Canadians when they were only representing their own selfish rights. They need to be strong and stay the course and together we will all get through this pandemic. They complain the government is dividing people when it is actually their actions that has caused a great divide amongst people. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      • What terrorist act was committed? Why didn’t Trudeau talk to them. They were willing to meet with him. Who elected these health care professionals? I’m an eleventh generation Canadian. I will not get out of “your country”.

    • Pretty sure the 90% of truckers who are vaccinated and kept working would have kept the shelves full. The idiots who invaded our city and locked it down for 3 weeks, and made residents lives a living hell, deserve everything they get.

    • Have you forgotten the impact the truckers have had on the real, innocent citizens of this country? Boo hoo They lost their business. No real Canadian cares. Did you think the feds were joking when they said they would do this? No the protesters stayed. Now they are paying the price for their stupidity. The border blockades were the last straw. Now I can’t wait to see all the civil lawsuits that will come out of that. By then all the protesters will be bankrupt!!! The truckers affected by this are less than 0.05% of all truckers in Canada. The blockades are done and everything the protest set out to accomplish has FAILED!! The only thing they accomplished is showing what redneck, racist morons look like in person!! hahaha

      • No licenses should be pulled. The mto is wrong and will be sued. The government would be wise to reconsider the actions of it bureaucrats. A peaceful protest never should have penalties that include loss of livlihood. That is not a democracy it is merely crazy. Truckers don’t leave their trucks, that’s not a crime.

        • Nope, anyone who took part in this assault on Ottawa deserves everything that is coming to them. I am glad the government is making and example of these fools. Bankruptcy is not enough though, jail time and nothing less.

      • Wow. What planet are you from? Canadian truckers have given 32 countries hope, convoys in 32 countries, this is going to be historical and your comment will not age well. You are on the wrong side of millions and millions of people, please look elsewhere then MSM then maybe you don’t act so blindfolded.

        • Bahahaha…where did you get your statistics from? Millions and millions of people? And at this point to not realize your cause is losing. This gave be a chuckle. Thanks

      • Jokes on you and the government, truckers didn’t fail….they exposed the corruption in media and government and the lying ottawa police.

        CTV news live “as you see in front of me police are about to raid this trailer” “sorry we moved the camera off you” “oh i understand”

        ^corruption, trudeau should legally be forced to resign.

    • Isn’t our government for the people!!! Not. They are protecting themselves, not Canadians. Ford is just a puppet for the establishment.

    • Not next time. Right now! for the Prime Minister of Canada. Yelling fire in a crowded theatre is a criminal act – so was the Emergencies act.

  • These individuals that participated in the illeagal Occupation who were associated with Organizer’s with Radicalized Racist Ideology’s . They have Threatened, Manipulated,Harrassed,,closed the border’s for no reason then the agenda that they set out to do. It wasn’t for Health,welfare of everyone in Canada. It was to effect everyone’s livly hood ,with foreign and domestic Money raised donated to support these actions so they could get there point accrossed and harm our Country .The Parents and Organizer’s used children as a weaponized tool ,to stage it so it looks like a family event (Canada day). But is the fartest thing from the truth. My own experience because I am in Heath Care Field being yelled obscentities while being told we kill children .In a different City by protesters . It is and has happened though out our Country to the very people who would help them no thoughts about it. Since the beginning of the Pandemic many these situations have happened.We absolutily understand about Isolating, and wearing PPE ,we lived it. Why is because helping others is the right thing to do .Only makes our Country stronger, and reconize that it is made up of many different culture’s , it’s horrible to think that we still have Radical Racist Ideolgy around is so wrong, harms many people’s lives. These Idologies have to cease , anyone that looks the other way and not willing to stop it by speaking up because they have hatred for someone’s Culture, Race,Sexuality many other differences that they don’t understand. The key to understanding is Educating oneself.

    • I am a triple vaxed retired truck driver. I don’t agree 100% with the freedom convoy but I know I don’t agree with you or our governments. It must be hard to go through life as hateful as you seem to be. Maybe you need the wake up call and educate yourself.

      • Unfortunately, THESE truckers sent an ultimatum to the Canadian senate before the truckers set off, stating that the occupation would go until the Senate dissolved Parliament, all Legislative Assemblies, and all elected municipal councils, and replaced all of them with Canada Unity appointees.

        Not call new elections.

        Replace all elected officials with them.

        One can disagree with the government, but the second one decides to undo democracy, democracy must defend itself.

        • Canada is not a democracy, it’s a SOFT Communist in a shell cover, which it’s goals is to cause civil wars. Right VS Left…

          “democracy must defend itself.” i laughed…’s actually “democracy will destroy itself” look to our canada and to the USA, almost to the brink of civil war.

      • It must be hard to be so hateful that you support a racist, terrorist organisation who’s leaders openly stated that they want to overthrow a democratically elected government, and who terrorised an entire city for 3 straight weeks with no sign of ending their illegal occupation. Maybe you need the wake up call and educate yourself.

      • Her comment was calm, well thought out, and educated. If you thought it seemed hateful I think it is you that needs further education. So you didn’t agree with her message….not a good reason to be rude.

    • I can tell you watch the MSM Only 2 things that matter intelligence and information Your information sources are distorted and twisted leading you to pass poor judgement Stop watching fake news I bet you wear a triple mask 24/7

    • Your too funny. Research other than reading and listening to mainstream news. Oh, are you against listening to the truth? Love to you for change. Prayers my friend. Your anger shows badly. Love and peace.

    • You should spell check before you press send, but maybe you’re right, it was the .. fartest… thing from the truth, since it it BS. Oh and FYI there was a group of nurses / health care workers also set up on the Hill. Terrorists and fringe as well I’m assuming.

  • This is unconscionable for the MTO to seize these licenses and shut down these trucking operations in a free and democratic country.

    Or maybe we are now a Communist Country under Trudeau.
    The Emergency Act was not required, as all Trudeau had to do was remove the Vaccine Mandate.
    Trudeau created the problem by evoking the Vaccine Mandate and then used the Emergency Act to solve it.
    Corruption all around working under the WEF.
    Blaine Mitton

    • The Prime Minister whomever he or she might be and whatever party they represent should never be bullied by thugs into making policy decisions. Should a democratically elected gov’t do whatever a group of babies that occupy a city tries wants done?

      This group tried to stage a literal coup and harrased citizens of a city for 3 weeks.

      The emergency act had NOTHING to do with this. These “protestors” were breaking all kinds of provincial and municipal laws left and right. The OPS was too impotent to do anything about it and Ford just stood around and watched.

    • Trudeau didn’t set the vaccine mandate, the US did. Trudeau only made the mandate for going back that you either had to be vaccinated, or isolate (which is the same rules everyone else has had to follow.) But even if Trudeau set no rules, those truckers still can’t cross the border because of the US rules. Regardless, those truckers still have work doing domestic routes, where no mandates are. Secondly, calling things you don’t like communism just makes you an idiot who doesn’t know what the word means. Please stop, it’s embarassing and they taught you better in school.

      Thirdly, the truckers and their fundraisers issued an ultimatum that the Senate must dissolve ALL Parliament, ALL Legislative Assemblies, ALL Municipal governments, and replace ALL elected officials with a committee of members handpicked by the truckers. Whether or not they’ll admit it now, it was always an attempt at a coup–a bad, stupid, inept attempt at a coup, but an attempt all the same.

      They pretend otherwise now, but the evidence of the CU MOU still is out there, on their own website should you find it.

      • Funny they certainly belong in the Canada that I know. I have never been more proud to be Canadian than I am now because of the Freedom Convoy. That is garbage that the truckers were there to bring down the government. That’s a laugh. They wanted to “talk” to the person that is the PM, who instead of talking to them he ran away. It is the job of being the PM to be a leader and with that comes talking to and discussing problems that concern Canadians. If he had given them the time of day and the respect everyone deserves, they would have been out of Ottawa the next day. As for the Senate…did you people even watch the proceedings? You must not have any idea how the Senate works to think they would be coerced into following the Freedom Convoy.
        I will take Zelenskyy of the Ukraine, he is sticking around to help out his people even though Russia has put him on a hit list, now he is a leader. I think too many of you writing here have drank the cool aid, listening to the bought off MSM is not too healthy for you or our country.

    • Wow. Breaking the law is not a reason to seize a license? Commercial operators are required to adhere to high standards.

      Are you saying 10 ton truck blowing smoke and fumes and blowing a horn at all hours isn’t intimidating?

      You spitting all over your screen and screaming about a jab and a cotton mask is pretty funny. Do you seriously think you’re the ONLY people?

      It occurs to me the people who have time to drive 100-150K$ trucks to Ottawa probably can’t cross the border anyway.

  • Premier Ford has truly proved he is an Edsel. He has not listened and is driving his private Pharma agenda. scary
    People who call these truckers names and accuse them of being racist and somehow insurgents had better start providing proof or they should be sued for defamation.

    • The Nazi flags weren’t enough for you? How about Pat Kings rant about the cleansing of anglo saxons going on? One of the chief organizers is a member of. They are all known separatists.

      It doesn’t take Woodward and Bernstein to figure this out. They have all published their hate for the world to see.

      Every sensible Canadian knows this isn’t the norm for truckers. My oldest son has a 1A (to be able to drive a rig) and still lives in Saskatchewan. I am not some liberal granola cruncher. The majority of the people at this occupation are not associated with the trucking industry whatsoever. This was a group of people that thought they could march into Ottawa and overthrow the gov’t, they literally published that in their memorandum of understanding on their website.

      I don’t know what is going to happen now that the PM has revoked the EMA. This could get ugly again. The citizens of Ottawa (all 1.4M of them) are not going to put up with another occupation.

  • This has gone too far, it’s time us in the industry come together. Look at the way we are treated by everyone. To the government we are just another person they are looking at to collect taxes, to the corporations we are just a number that can be replaced at anytime, to the regular person truck drivers and mechanics are high school drop outs. Most of us work our butts off to retire with no pension and endless medical issues. We deserve better.

    • Well said a lot of truck drivers expire before age 65 if they get sick or injured. A large number of truck drivers supported us with cash donations. A number of companies may loose the right to run that are based in ont 90 % of fleet kept operating during the protest. Texas and New Mexico have been talking to some of the owner ops and drivers that were involved to see if they want to move to their state. We have over 500 names of owner ops and 50 companies that may have to leave ont and about 5000 plus drivers that would leave if they have a choice. They all have at least 2 shots on the list that I have.. How is this going to help the truck driver supply?

      • exactly well said the trucking business is already struggling Like Kendra Hems President of the New York State trucking association explained that they are short 80,000 plus drivers right now and that all these games people Doug Ford and Trudeau are playing is not making it any easier.

        • It’s been a shameful time for the
          NDP who should have supported the Convoy.But chose instead to
          Support Trudeau and Ford.

  • This is how communism works. First you enact an emergency order, then you make up a pile of new laws limiting basic rights. Then you gather information on all parties that oppose you and criminalize them with jail, taking away their jobs, taking away their possessions, make their names public so they become outcasts.
    This becomes the lesson for anybody else that dares to oppose their mandate. Crush the little private business while controlling all the big business. This is so wrong.

    • Was talking with a driver from Poland. He says what the government is doing is just what the Communists did in Poland. He can’t understand why Canadians can’t see what is happening.

    • Exactly correct notice in the comment section here several of those types of people that want these Truckers destroyed are expressing their true colors right here in the comment section where they are right into what the Gov is doing God help us!

    • First, you need to learn the meaning of the word communism.
      But you enjoy your regulated hours and health care, and retirement income.

      People died for a regulated work week. If you want to work 8 hours a day, go work in a factory for $15.

    • The “Social Credit (conformity) Score” makes it easy to do all those things! Communist China uses it to “deperson” anyone who dares not follow all Party decries. Big Tech is doing it now! Large Corporate “stake holders” (banks, schools, Transporters) are now BANNING conservatives for being a “threat” to their public image. This is why a “world ID” and cashless society is so important to a “One government” world. Read-up on the plans of the World Economic Form, The Rockefeller Foundation, UN Agenda 2030 Etc …it is WORSE than Orwell’s 1984.

  • I see comments on both sides of the issue.
    The demonstrators had these issues that were forefront in their demands:
    1) No vaccine requirements for cross-border travel
    2) See the Trudeau government step down.
    3) End to vaccine mandates
    Lets address No 1. The requirement is reciprocal with the US. If they are not vaccinated, they can’t cross into the US, so it doesn’t matter whether or not Canada has a requirement, this would not be an issue as they would not be able to cross into the US
    No 2: The government is one that has been elected by the people – as mandated by our constitution. One can achieve this by voting at the ballot box. If you didn’t vote, a blockade is not the answer. Those who push this outside the ballot box, are pushing sedition – and the response to this is never pleasant. Seizure of plates, suspending of commercial licenses – are the result. That said the government is willing to let bygones be bygones, provided the other parties articulate their contrition.

    3) Vaccine mandates – are a provincial guideline – they are not at federal level, except when it comes to federal properties, trains, busses and aircraft. The lock downs have been painful, yes. Now that we have a high degree of vaccinations – we see the severity of COVID decreasing – the manatee are easing.

    In summary – a demonstration should be to make the voice heard, but not disrupt society or be abusive to others. We live in a beautiful country, with amazing people. Lets keep that as our focal point – and express our sentiments at the ballot box – not with vigilante style actions

      • it was. Canada Unity took it down, because people had noticed it, but they issued an ultimatum to the Senate called the MOU which demanded the dissolving of Parliament, all provincial legislatures, and municipal governments, to be replaced by Canada Unity appointees, and they also threatened that the trucks would only stop occupying when their demands were met.

        Do a search for ‘Canada Unity MOU’ on the google. It’s the pdf that’s on their website–you can’t access it directly (because they’re trying to pretend they never send it because attempting a coup is a bad look for them) but they didn’t take the document down entirely.

        • As much as I admire and support “Canada Unity” and their desires for a REAL Representative government of the People; for the Media to equate this small grass-roots organization as a “threat” and representative of the majority of Protesters , is LAUGHABLE. It is yet another example of MSM becoming less credible with every report. After the Emergency ACT was install, there WAS a greater, legal, political call for a Non-Confidence vote, or similar method for replacing Turdo. To call any of this an insurrection , is straight out of the FBI/CIA game book. (See the chapter on Jan 6th and installed provocative operatives) and How to use your Ministry of Propaganda 😉

      • It was explicitly in the MoU issued (and then retracted) by the purported organizers of the occupation. It was on their own website, until they memory-holed it. It was in the very DNA of the protest, not something the media ginned up.

      • It was part of the Freedom Convoy MOU. It was a stated purpose of the convoy by the organizers. This is common knowledge. They wanted the Governor General to force Trudeau to resign

        • I kept hearing this nutty claim and actually spent 5 minutes to on the internet to see if it was true.
          First: Canada Unity is in no way affiliated with the freedom convoy, the only connection is that one member joined the convoy. No one from Canada Unity has ever appear on anything put out by the freedom convoy, is part of the leadership, or has ever spoken at any of their press conferences.
          The group appears to consist of 4 members.
          Second: The MOU that you refer to was from last year, long before anyone ever considered a trucker convoy. It is an online petition to the governor general asking that because (in their opinion) the mandates violate the charter of rights as well UN conventions, she should demand that the government remove the mandates, and failing that, to demand their resignation, to be replaced by some council.

          It was the media that kept calling him a leader of the protest, he was not. You will not find a single example of any other person in the convoy referencing the MOU. The media just looked for the kookiest guy, declared him a leader and said that this is what the convoy is all about.

          The entire basis for this claim that the truckers were trying to overthrow the government is apparently based on the fact that one (1) of them started an online petition(!) asking the governor general to tell the government to remove the mandates or resign.

          I would like to point out that it is right of every citizen of the commonwealth to petition the monarch, and has been for centuries, as well as it is the perogative of the crown to dismiss a government, neither of these are in any way illegal.
          The fact that it is absurd to think that this would ever happen does not matter. A silly person on some quixotic quest is neither a crime nor a threat to the nation (if you disagree, and truly believe that Canadian democracy can be destroyed if someone starts an online petition, I am truly frightened at what you think also needs to be stomped out to save it)
          While I am sure that most people who are talking about the attempt to overthrow the government do not realize that it is an online petition that they are referring to, I am equally sure that some of them do. Portraying an online petition as an attempt to overthrow the government is beyond hyperbole, it is deception. People making this claim can fall into only one of two categories: The deceivers or the deceived.

          • Michael Rupcich- excellent reply.
            Thank you. Anyone making the claim that the economy Is getting destroyed by the Protest – but ignores the past 2 years of Ford/Trudo Lockdowns and Chinese shipping delays- is a Fraud. ..and they know it.

    • Your No 1 is completely incorrect Kendra Hems President of the New York State Trucking association was on CBS and explained the whole deal She explained that the Truckers have been traveling cross border for the past 2 years without any problems and that there’s no stats proving that a Vax pass is needed. Experts like herself were not consulted . And the vax requirement was just recently put in place by the Trudeau Gov he reached out to Biden the USA had no plans to enforce such a rule That’s why the Truckers started this Protest duh!

  • So we reduce the amount of truckers that get to work affecting the supply chain..
    Then people protest that decision. We arrest them, prosecute them without due process.
    As they protest supply chains hurt.
    Now we take large companies off the road and reduce futher the supply chain crisis.
    Do the people making the decisions think at all about their actions?
    Its not like these companies murdered someone on the road. Drove equipment that was not cared for, or violated any rules under mots rules.
    How about we take carries off the road that force drivers to violate rules, break the law or use visa drivers as human slaves.
    Just flipping wow!

    • Supply chain has nothing to do with Idiot Truck drivers who just took 2 weeks off to terrorize a city.

      Next time maybe these companies will consider that it’s not a great idea to put your logo on an occupation. 🙂

    • I don’t think you understand what communism even is. Further, law and order is the very bedrock of a democracy. If there isn’t law and order, every ragtag group can sabotage society for whatever grievance they claim.

      The *vast* majority of truckers kept working and doing good during this debacle, having nothing to do with it. That the insurrectionists keep trying to drag them is is not convincing to anyone.

  • We don’t need those so called Truckers that participated in the so called Freedom Convoy. There will be many to follow that will not use their trucks as weapons and will be a good Canadian that respects the Charter of Rights for ALL. My Husband was a transport driver for 38 years and was very upset and embarrassed by what he saw in Ottawa and elsewhere.

  • Disgusting just more communism in Canada . Wow the MTO must be as corrupt as our government how much were they paid .

  • Brava. This is an excellent move. If you want to overthrow a democratically elected government, do it at the ballot box.

  • Sweet.
    90% of truckers wanted no part of this.
    Using your truck as a weapon during an occupation should have consequences.

    • ++++

      No shortage of goods at my store.
      I guess most people just want to bay bills, mortgage, etc……

      Trying to die on the mountain of a cotton mask is ridiculous, isn’t it?
      Get the free jab, wear a mask. You go out.
      If you’re my age, you’ve had maybe 60 jabs. No Polio. Smallpox. Rubella, etc. Like MAGIC! It’s almost like science works.

      But some dumb idiots who can turn a truck around hold a city hostage for freedumbs. And, you know, most of those idiots can’t back a truck up to save their lives. That’s why most of them bob-tailed.

  • GLORIOUS. Absolutely Glorious.

    Want to protest? Go for it. Absolutely.

    Want to terrorize a city with your logo on the side of your weapon? Someone is going to make sure you don’t consider that approach again because they’re getting so nailed for doing nothing for so long.

    No one is saying don’t protest. Everyone is saying – don’t be a dickhead.

    • ++
      There’s another company out there willing to take your business if you’re too busy occupying a city.

      There are far more important things for us to worry about.

  • Keep up the industries in trouble as it is the reason the supply chains the way it is lol ya cant find drivers the insurance is over the roof and now this Lmfao keep up the great job boys when your paying 15.00 for a bag of chips think of this

    • What does the price of insurance have to do with morons occupying a city?


      Also, are those $15 chips laced with cocaine? Or are you buying the triple family pack? Who’s paying $15 for chips?

  • Banning trucks equates to banning food of their tables. Cancel culture strikes again. Not much thought process put into this, Ontario can starve then I guess. Childish reaction which will hurt the poorest and vulnerable in Ontario. Truckers aren’t terrorists, they’re hard working heroes. Ford should be focusing his anger on Emperor Trudeau. Trudeau backed these truckers into the corner and they came out swinging. Good for them. None of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for Trudolf. Whether you agree with this protest or not, the protest and reactions after are all byproducts of a Childish Psychopath Prime Minister who is unqualified to run this country. Two weeks to flatten the curve to a Police state in just over two years. Let that sink in.

    • 90% of truckers are able to cross the border.

      Not seeing a problem here. Nobody is going to starve. You are not that important.

  • I am shocked, disheartened and disgusted with some of the Hateful comments that I am reading here. Freedom of choice is what they must be basing those comments on because just as they have proven to NOT deserve some of the things they enjoy today; I can say that many of us sacrificed for them. Trucking is easier now then it was years back. Many of you have no idea we as O/O went through in past decades, just to get where we are today.
    The Vaccine mandate was not right. As for” if you want to go cross-border you must do so”is again freedom of choice. Many do not want to leave Canada . Their choice. Stop being so ” Holier than thou”.
    You Hateful people are demeaning the Profession.

  • THANK YOU REAL TRUCKERS FOR KEEPING OUR GROCERY STORE SHELVES FULLY STOCKED! We know that the few so-called truckers were just being manipulated by insurrectionists. They do not represent the industry. I have heard some truckers say that they are ashamed to be a driver…please don’t …we know how hard you work every day and night, battling snow storms, ice storms, crappy truck stop food, roads washed away because of flooding, and all the four-wheelers that have no idea how to safely share the road with semi-trucks! So…Thanks everyone out there!

    • My partner is a Truck driver & has never stopped working during the pandemic. He is fully vaccinated as are 90% of drivers. He is so ashamed to be a Trucker now by the actions of a few idiots. Don’t want to be vaccinated? Run in Canada! Theres tons of work! This was never about vaccinations but everything to do with simply not wanting to follow ANYONE telling them what to do. Gov or otherwise. Don’t feel ‘Free’ in Canada?? Move!! Thankyou Catherine for your kind words towards the hard working Professional Drivers that as you said, keep our shelves stocked, our pets fed etc & within time limits & all kinds of weather.

    • NOPE. They committed hundreds of traffic violations EACH.
      You don’t get to use your rig like a hammer. Like a thug.

      Look at the conditions of a commercial license.

      I hope their trucks are crushed.

  • Most of these ‘truckers’ are business owners with assets that can be seized. There are consequences to taking a truck you use in your business as a weapon directed towards the people of Ottawa. A criminal record will mean you can’t cross the border. The class action suits are going to be very expensive. I have no sympathy.

  • This was the wrong hill to die on.
    Seriously, a jab and a cotton mask is what got them all hot and bothered?
    Terrorizing and harrassing thousands of people in the process didn’t help the cause, even if in principle almost everyone is tired of the new procedures.

    We live in a society that has rights & responsiblities.

  • Ottawa is now facing a bill of about $30 million for policing activities. The occupation was illegal. Can we get the offenders to foot the bill so our taxes won’t pay it?
    First they didn’t want to vax to cross the border. The US had similar requirements so this was moot.

    Then, they wanted all mandates stopped. 80% of Canadians are vaccinated so the mandates seem to be supported by a large majority.

    Then they wanted to oust Trudeau and get themselves into the government. Obviously they’ve no idea how democracy works.

    Through it all they called for freedom but they ignored the freedom of the people who couldn’t work because businesses had to shut down. They ignored the freedom of the local residents to peace and quiet in their homes. I could go on.

    A large % of donations were from foreign entities. Was there something far more sinister going on? Is it still going on?

  • This was all a smoke screen to try to overthrow the elected government.
    Unlawfully blocking streets and border crossings
    I hope they get what is coming to them even if I have to live off of bread and water

    • OMG! Do you know how crazy that sounds? Overthrowing the government? Sure, a bunch of people signing O Canada and setting up bouncy castles were really on a mission to overthrow the government. What were they going to use, their hotdogs, granola bars and Canadian flags? And by the way, the truckers supported emergency vehicles and willingly opened up lanes both in Ottawa (where the only blockades were police barriers) and at borders – unlike the rail line protestors who for months stopped all rail freight through their blockades- too bad no one seemed to care about that.

      • Yea it sounds completely bonkers but it’s true, google convoy MOU and look for yourself. The intent was to have the Govenor General dissolve parliament and then set up a new Gov’t consisting of the GG, the convoy members, and the senate. None of whom are elected. Their stated intention was to Occupy Ottawa until that happened. It’s crazy first of all because the Governor General does not have the power to do any of that. This isn’t fake news it was published on their website. These guys are nuts period. There is still a thing going around FB asking people to call the GG and cast your vote of non confidence so she can dissolve parliament. Wait what? that isn’t how this works at all. I know this because I have “friends” passing it around.

    • Andre you are mistaken. This was entirely to do with the restrictions on freedoms especially concerning medical proceedures. The “vaccine” – it’s not actually a vaccine – does not stop you catching or passing on the virus. It is not right to force people to have what is proven to be a very dangerous injection when it does not even do what it should do.
      The Truck Drivers were demonstrating that the government had gone too far with forcing people to do things and lose their Human Rights. They are decent people who care fpr children, feed the homeless and are peaceful.
      You should wake up to what is going on every where. Do you want to live under a Dictatorship with no rights or freedoms?

      • All of this is wrong. Every single word of every single sentence. People are so entrenched in their online echo chambers that they believe it is true. It’s bloody scary.

    • Scary that uninformed people that have no understanding of what is happening and only know what their tv reports which is a chosen narrative gets to parrot same.

  • If you incite terror into the residents of Ottawa, harrass them for wearing masks and then cheer loudly when you evoke fear from them, laugh because residents can’t sleep and are afraid to go outside, rev engines and spew exhaust into residential areas when you can no longer honk, start fires in an apartment block, back into Zexi Li with your truck because she’s wearing a mask, make 24-hour noise to disrupt residents, use children as shields, bring children to a red zone area even though police have warned of the dangers of it, obstruct roads, cause businesses to close for 3 weeks, whine about freedom while denying Ottawa residents their freedoms, then you deserve to lose your license, your business, and you should be jailed.

    • You obviously watch CBC and were not actually there or watching real video feed. The only group inciting terror in Ottawa residents was their own City Council and Police Chief. Lots of people from the residences on the Hill went outside and joined in the celebrations, which were family friendly – No one used children as shields. The streets were cleaner and the crime rate lower than ever; homeless well fed. The businesses that disregarded city threats and stayed open, did more business in 3 wks then they have for the last 2 years under government mandates. No one harassed anyone for wearing a mask . Police stated the fire was not started by a protestor. Yes, there was about a week of noisy horn honking, but really, after two plus years of everyone in the country losing their freedoms, a little noise is nothing – wear headphones. These people were there for your freedoms too buddy, and if Trudeau hasn’t shown how easily he can take them away, then you’ve learned nothing about democracy. And once again, if the government actually listened to those who pay their salaries and acted like leaders instead of thugs it all would have lasted about a weekend.

      • Absolutely right! If you listen to the lying MSM you will never know the truth.
        Also one Lady MP said her late night walk home was the safest she’d ever felt in many years with the Truckers there.

  • The Truck Convoy people made a choice. They said the govt took their jobs away. That is rubbish. Their own choice did that. These truckers do not want to take responsibility for their choice. They infringed on the rights of others, they did not demonstrate the responsibility of Canadian citizens to comply with and uphold the rule of law. The whole object appeared to be to break down the rule of law. That is anarchy. Who in their right mind wants that kind of thing in Canada?

    • You are so wrong!
      The Truck Drivers were doing the only thing they could to try and demonstrate to the government and all of you who are asleep that your whole way of life, your personal freedoms, your Human Rights, all the the things you take for granted ate going to be taken away from you.
      We are on the brink of a world take over by a minority of self-appointed extraordinarilly rich people who used up all the public funds and have devised this great reset to enslave the people. Most people will be killed because they don’t want so many. These are dangerous times. Get your head out of the sand. A truck parked by your door is nothing compared to the day you have no home, no possessions, have to do exactly what you are told, cannot go anywhere you want, or meet whoever you like, and have to have your body altered by law to match their ‘internet of bodies’.
      For your own sake, start learning about these things before it is too late.
      Indeed it could be too late already.

  • So our much vaunted Charter of Freedoms have now been revealed as a mirage, a fraud, imaginary. A right to protest has not been obliterated, just amended to include severe punishment if you get “uppity”. Your ability to provide for your family has been curtailed……for noisy parking. By diktat, no appeal, no court order, just because. We are seeing the disintegration of a once proud country.

  • Doug Ford’s election platform was “Ontario is Open for Business”. Well it appears that the weight on his shoulders over all this control has collapsed that platform …….or was he referring to Ontario California ?

  • Millions of regular Canadians are angry over the fascist actions of Trudeau and his masked nodding donkeys. The 6 figure salary/ 20 hour work week snowflakes living in million dollar condos downtown Ottawa can get back to ordering their douchachinos at Starbucks now that democracy in Canada has been crushed.

    Bring on the revolution.

    • Lol, the six people salary people live in the burbs, that is the only reason this went on for as long as they did. I don’t remember the name of the drunk senator you are trying to quote but his salary is $160k a year and he doesn’t live anywhere near the occupation zone.

  • The MTO needs to stay within the lines here. Out of their jurisdiction seeing as the “occupation” was a legal protest. Give the trucks and licenses back WITH APOLOGIES

  • People should be involved in protests not trucks. The trucks were intended to intimidate and bully. No one needed further stress in their lives after dealing with the pandemic for two years.

  • Canada can all see what is going on here!
    Our Priminter is on a power trip and wants Canadians to have no freedom.
    People are arrested for a peaceful protest, for wanting a choice.
    How is that right?
    Are protesters arrested with a state of emergency act put in place for protesting abortion, or gay pride!
    NO they are not!
    Justin Trudeau says he is doing this for the good of Canadians.
    He’s doing it for the good of Justin Trudeau and no one else!
    All he had to do was talk to the people and he couldn’t even do that!
    The most humain thing! Communication!
    He cleared out Ottawa, he feels safe now but that did not solve the problem.
    Hold strong Canada for freedom!

  • Those who played a role in the Siege of Ottawa (which in my opinion began on the 8th day of the occupation) should be held accountable. They are all complicit, at the very least, in harbouring that violent segment, that desecrated, sacred ground, harrassed individuals and tormented a city. The puppet protest (which had very little to do with vaccines and mandates) forced shops to close, good Canadians couldn’t go to work, and they attacked our commerce and economy costing Canada in the neighbourhood of $10 000 000 000.00.
    Well done MTO, well done indeed.

    • I have just one question for you. Did you go down to the protest and form your opinion, or did you get all your opinion from sitting on a couch and watching national media??
      My wife and I decided to drive all the way to Ottawa to see for ourselves what was happening and as I do a lot of videos I took my cameras. I stayed for a few days, then returned the next weekend. Shops were not forced to close. The Tim Hortons stayed open and the owner told the media that he had no problems. The government forced many to close over the last 2 years with many losing HUGE profits. The protest was CANADIANS voicing their rights very peacefully. Compare this protest to ANY in the rest of the world. The only damage was what the police did. Even if it was only 1% of Canadians (I do think it was a lot more than 1%) They STILL have the right to protest peacefully.

  • Personally I agree 110 present with this desision, I have no problem with a protest but this is not a protest , it was a coup attempt , where the hell do these people think they are , Canadians will not stand for this type of crap.

  • I send my sympathy for the terrible anxiety these measures will give to so many people.
    The Truck Drivers bravely tried to defend the freedom of choice over what invasive medical treatments we receive. It is a basic Human Right.
    Some people are arguing the lie that people have to take this so-called vaccine to protect others. Yet the data and the Makers make it clear that having this injection does not prevent you catching or spreading the virus. Therefore the injection carries no benefit to yourself or others in preventing catching or spreading the virus.
    I am so sorry the Truck Drivers have been badly treated when they showed only good will.
    I worry about their Leadership. Did those 4 give good advice? Things went badly after they appeared.
    I hope the millions donated to the Truck Drivers will be recovered and they will receive it all as is their legal and moral right.
    May God bless all Truck Drivers and their Families and those who support them.

  • Myself as a former truck driver, what is the province (or nation)to do about driver shortage? This sounds like the government does not recognize nor care about the nation’s population. EVERYTHING people own or buy from clothing to medical supplies has been on a truck at some point. The goods fairy does not exist but truck drivers do. They are the men and women of all races who give up birthdays, anniversaries, even birth of children or death of loved ones to bring the masses of the population their goods.

  • Those that have no skin in the Game should not make up the rules for those that do. Individuals, Bureaucrats and politician.
    Almost of Ottawaians are civil servants who were sent home for last two years and still got paid.
    Parliament was not in session and yet politicians still got paid. Ottawa felt no real pain.
    Hydro, banks, the 3 (currently) Telecommunications conglomerates, Gas and like companies told employees to go home with pay.
    Seniors still got their government and other pensions, People on Welfare still got theirs.
    The real pain was only shared by about 20% of us. And we seem to be agreeing with Government that this 20% are irrelevant.
    The Charter is not there to protect the majority or the big, it is there to protect the minority, the small and the individual. If this was not the intention why would one have a charter ?

    • THANK YOU for showing how insulting and bigoted the “we are all in this together” campaign really is to the working class. You know- the independent types who work hard for self dependence. That makes them enemies to the Governments plan for The rebirth of feudalism and The Greedy Reset.

  • I have great respect for Ministry of Transportation‘s operations on the highways and bridges from working on their sites. I have no idea why they have crossed over to the protest game other than being forced.

    With what is happening in canada right now, I am concerned of being punished like the protesters for speaking my mind. So sad!!!

    So like a good little canadian like Russia and China’s citizens, I will keep my opinion to myself for now!!

  • Make commercial traffic government run as in CNR.Government can set prices with no competition and everyone gets minimum wage and starved.

  • The truckers and other vehicles that attended
    The Ottawa protests where allowed to enter the downtown area with consent of Police and Ottawa. They where directed and told where to park. This only became a problem when our Prime Minister and Ottawa realized
    This was not a small Fringe Minority that they had egnored. They egnored convoy all across
    Canada. Even after they realized the numbers they still let them drive down town with Police assistant. The PM still egnored them and kept up slandering them. So why now does our PM have the right to impound, conficate there trucks, linences, insurance and there is property. This is unconstitutional and against the rights of Canadians.

  • Time for Canadians from ALL trucking companies to take a stand for freedom.
    This kind of heavy-handed government intervention is NOT the Canada I grew up in and believe in. I was a long haul driver for 40 years and know it’s a hard life with many hours of work . The industry is having a hard time getting new young drivers as it is.
    This is from the war in 1940-1945 and it may repeat itself.
    It could start out
    First, they came for the protesters- But I am a protester

    First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  • I’m glad to see this, not least because the people who participated in these actions have shown that they have no concept of professional, appropriate behaviour that reflects well on their industry and peers.

    Canadian truckers did not deserve to have their industry and overall professionalism dragged through the mud by these occupiers, and the sooner these kinds of activists are purged from the industry, the happier ALL OF US, both inside and outside the trucking industry, are going to be.

    Love y’all — thank you for continuing in the face of the effrontery the occupiers perpetuated on you, and for continuing to serve the rest of us Canadians so well.

    • Did you speak -out against like this against CN rail , the OPP, RCMP etc in 2020 when eco-protesters (paid by foreign oil interests) derailed trains, threatened harm to GO and VIA passengers, and shutdown all rail transport for 3 months? Let’s talk about that “protest” that threatened harm, and was completely accommodated The Rail Industry and public safety service- not to mention the politicians who fell over themselves pandering to REAL terrorists and negotiated. Yet NOT ONE elected politician had the ethical fortitude to even speak to Freedom Protesters.

  • Trudeau’s Government is lucky I am a retired trucker… I would have ensured all freight destined to K1A sat at the back of the yard for a few months.

    BTW, How many “assault rifles does it take to storm a bouncy castle?

  • You have no evidence that these trucks obstructed roadways and even if they were, the punishment is draconian. Fines should have been enough not taking the trucks out of circulation and deliveries. This was a protest against arbitrary vaccine mandates by a corrupt and vengeful PM.

  • I don’t often agree with the heavy hand of government but I fully support the Ontario government in their actions to sanction the participants in an illegal attempt to oust a democratically elected government. These protesters acted as a result of disinformation and lies propagated mostly by right wing American media.
    This so called protest shows the gullibility of some people who believe misinformation without so much as a second thought, while they label their opponents as uninformed.
    As a fully vaccinated driver who was inadvertently caught up in this convoy when it made its way through my home town, I support freedom from misinformation and lies.
    While I do not support everything the liberal government does, those who think Canadians are being oppressed, should try living in Russia, North Korea or China. Just try protesting in one of those countries that the right wing media has so lovingly embraced, and you will quickly discover the meaning of the word freedom.

  • And they can’t be replaced overnight so people will start hoarding food etc. until the stores are empty. Truckers and their employees will be applying for welfare right Mister Ford ????

    Smart move (Exlax) Doug Ford.

  • Can no one see that China has taken over this country???
    Trudeau and FORD are communists .
    I hope the truckers shut down every bridge,every city and every airport. Stop this country dead in its tracks until we get rid of liberals and conservatives that admire liberal tactics.
    If we do nothing,our country is done.

  • What a draconian leadership we have in this country. Federal and provincial dictators alike killing our economy, assaulting citizens while crying foul of putin is hypocracy. Absolutely shameful and disgusting, the side of history you will be remembered for

  • The Government is out of control! How dare they take away these Canadians livelihood.
    Where is there trial in court? Free speech is trampled on by Dictator Trudeau.

    This is sickening!

  • Those truckers were legally protesting this move by govt is wrong and really outrageous Doug Ford an election is due soon we will not forget this you are toast

  • It was a peace protest. They was peaceful, non violent. This is their livelihoods, and last I check that Canada is in need of . The government knew from day 1 why they was there, refused to talk to them. Left them their without deescalate for 3 weeks . He had police that didn’t want to in-force something that was not illegal, and told there stories, and quit. 2 Chief resigned . Most of them truck are these mens homes . This is there income. And worked hard for them. And trucking companies , more employees means losses jobs.

  • Perfect, even the government is helping stop the flow of goods to further pressure the government to end mandates! First thing they did right!

  • What assault is this? What illegal demonstration? Since when demonstrating is illegal? Oh Canada. You robbed them of their sovereignty over their very own bodies and now you condemn them to starve. Oh Canada hooded in shame and disgrace. Oh Canada

  • Due to the fact that the court cases are not over none of the seizures, bans or suspension orders will hold up. These actions will cost the tax payers more money because the prime minister failed to address the issue from day one, causing the initial convoy to escalate into what it was. Because it was made public that the truckers had in fact requested meeting with the prime ministers office and the prime minister publicly refused to meet with them stating quote “we will not negotiate with terrorists” had he sat down with the truckers and heard them out on day 1 none of the ensuing issues would have occurred. On top of that the prime minister will likely be facing some grave consequences of his own as all his actions and inactions caused undue pain and suffering on both sides of the lawsuit

  • It doesn’t take much to see the real issues here, in this forum, in this country as well as other countries. Internal division and self destruction, clearly the agenda focus from the elite, those that dream of a future where freedoms are for the few select, while others need permissions to buy food in a new crypto world, where your social status score determines your worthiness, newborns are chipped, your privacy is no more, life as you knew it is a memory, if they haven’t erased that already…
    The one world government, the reset, call it what you like, if you haven’t heard of it by now, you may have been living under a rock but anyways my point here is that in order for the reset to work the country/countries need to be destabilized, you’re witnessing that process now. The division, the hatred, everyone left/right at each other’s throat, constant bickering, arguing, without realizing you’re country is being taken apart day by day, the education system, the medical system, the supply chain, policing, you name it, it’s being set up to fail, to be destroyed, but we’re too busy fighting with each other to notice. Shutting down the trucking companies today, forcing the small business to close over the last two years, locking everyone down, mandatory this, mandatory that, trust me when I say, the WHO is not trustworthy, the government does not care about your freedoms and rights, nor does the pharma industry care about your health, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Imagine a world where if you disagree with one’s opinion, your banned, censored, imagine being used as a lab rat without giving consent, without even knowing you were, imagine being labled a terriost for speaking up and standing up, and imagine a world where your government has zero accountability for his over spending, fraudulent activity is the norm and so is sending your tax dollars to other countries while our very own veterans are out in the cold, homeless, hungry and left behind while their government says no, we cannot help you… don’t need to imagine any of this, because it’s now your country, your life, your future. Just sayn.

  • Sounds like most of the media is state funded, what else is there to what Trudeau say or your job is gone .it’s embarrassing to have this pm

  • I believe we all have rights to protest , and speak up for our rights and freedoms, and not be held against us in any courts, for standing up for our Choice and Free will , which God has given us all, And God gave the Government which we elect by voting them in, and they are to Govern us through God’s Law, to do which is Right, through God, who gave us Choice and Free Will. Also not be charged under the war measures act, which wasn’t passed as Law yet, so I believe several Laws here were broken, and the Government , and Police are accountable for their crimes against Humanity

    • By including “God” every second word doesn’t make you sound like a crazy bible thumper at all eh? Ahhaha wow….

      “God” chose Trudeau as your PM.
      “God” in the bible says women should be silent.

      1 Timothy 1:12

  • This is once again an overreach of the government. The truckers involved did nothing criminal other than perhaps have parking or noise violations and their livelihood is being penalized.
    The government knows there is a major driver and trucking shortage and they want to add to this problem? Are they mad?
    They should be subsidizing these truckers for losing their wage and time. They should have all fines and storage costs dropped and or paid for and thanked for standing up to government overreach, not penalized. Once again the government got it wrong.
    Mr. Ford, can you not see that the people are upset and you want to gas to the flame? Great election move.

  • I wish that someone could make a documentary on this protest There are so many videos live feeds and pictures out there that can show what really happened . There has to be millions out there . Show what the media said and then the real truth .All the malicious lies from the government and media. We have too much real live footage. I stayed up day and night watching live feeds and I was sobbing on the things that went on. How this peaceful protest was turned into an occupation .I watched when the convoy started from the west .I saw live videos on the support across the country . My husband has been a trucker for 35 years ,volunteer firefighter and the most compassionate person there is . I think if some of these people took a ride with a trucker even for a day they would change their attitudes . It breaks my heart that the media would not tell the truth and I will never believe a word they say again.. The truth will prevail. God bless all the truckers and never give up

  • sick…unreal this is happening in canada….hopefully there will be some way to fight this bs…might as well be in north korea or china…so wrong…people need to stand up and fight for our freedoms that are disappearing very fast……thanks

  • The comments from the anti truck people here make me want to puke! We work a job where a regular work week is 70 hrs long – we can go to jail for working overtime – and the government keeps closer track of us than they do murderers & pedophiles! We also need a working knowledge of at least 60 sets of rules. Now, after throwing our log books out to help at the beginning of this “pandemic”, and driving through 3 different/ more dangerous variants, we suddenly need to have proof of vaccination. What a freaking crock. If you don’t like trucks, quit buying crap and you won’t need them anymore. If you’ve never driven a truck, your opinion means naught, you have no idea what this is really all about. If you “used to drive”, you’ve moved on – keep moving, we don’t need you. You want full shelves and all of the stupid crap you buy – let us do our job, and quit putting stupid, unreasonable orders in effect to make it any harder than it already is

  • Interesting that the characterization of protesters changes depending upon who they are rather than on their actual activities. People that menace, loot, burn and steal are the good guys, while someone sitting in a truck and tooting the horn is a racist trying to overthrow the government. If the truckers were really attempting a coup they would have been wearing horns rather than tooting them, and trying to sit in Mr Trudeau’s chair. Similar activities have led to American insurrectionists being imprisoned without bail more than a year after the fact. While assault, attempted murder, carjackings and drug dealing can easily be forgiven in the lower 48, they have to draw the line somewhere. It is also time to find some new bogeyman to the symbolize the ne’er do wells. Talk about beating dead horses. Both the confederates and the nazis have long since worn out their welcomes as purveyors of doom and gloom. Banners with their insignias lend themselves to more of a clown like atmosphere rather than projecting some type of bygone menace. Neither ever had a big presence in Canada, so a little creative thinking here would be appreciated.

    • Are you from The Canadian Trucking Alliance ?” The private organization that claimed to speak for “all” Truckers? The private, Liberal funding lobbyists who do NOT speak for 90% of the independent driver? Nor did they have the right to “claim” to represent Protesters. The Freedom Convoy was NOT just about truckers. It was a protest against the “Hero to Zero” bigotry and speaks against ALL mandates. The Main Stream Media, using the CTA, hammered the last nail into their own coffin – with blatant and easily witnessed lies and propaganda. Between the MSM, BigTech Censorship, And dictatorship-like suspension of Our Charter Of Rights- independent, self-responsible Canadians researched through the censorship and found the reality of Covid . The MSM, Ford and Trudo has proven exactly the Protesters concerns. Every “conspiracy” of 1 year ago has now accepted as Truth (even by WHO and MSM). So please believe than your “social conformity score” -being used to strip wealth and steal protesters property from the low and middle class -but only if they do not support the Liberal Manifesto for Corporate run Communism.- will eventual come for you…it ALWAYS does.

  • It is despicable that the Ontario government is doing this. These truckers were peaceful, law abiding and gave hope to Canadians for the first time in two years. They complied with all the requests made by Ottawa and yet they were brutalized, their trucks were vandalized and now you’re punishing them this way? Terrible. Shame on you. Another blow to democracy and freedom of rights. We will all suffer the consequences of this heavy-handed response. You, your children, your family… Everyone will suffer!

  • Absolutely delighted with this news! Notably, the truckers who were NOT involved were those who were of the minorities that were being maligned by the honkers. White privilege and ignorance abounded during this illegal protest.

  • So whether OR NOT a trucker OR OWNER participated in the Freedom Convoy, FORD and MTO shut down the 39 businesses. Those not participating also losing income.
    Shame, shame, shame. More divide and conquer tactics.
    Busting with pride when convoy was announced and said “ FINALLY, someone is doing something and for ALL OF US. Sacrificing their OWN lives for ALL OF US. Personally, I feel I have been awakened from a deep sleep by this event to see how things REALLY work. Travelled right along with the independent utube people to see with my own eyes what REALLY went on in the streets. Also watched many many hours of the debating in both House of Commons and the Senate. Real eye opener.

  • I hope people will NEVER FORGET the back-stabbing dishonesty of Ford in the upcoming Ontario Election.
    Ford, like Trudeau, supported the 2020 Railway Blockade that made threats to endanger life. (An tore up track, burnt trains and shut down GO and VIA). None of those protesters received any such unconstitutional treatment!
    I have donated to legal funds ( To support a legal defence for these Dictatorship-like actions.

  • These truckers were there to protest against Governments overreach and illegal measures according to the Charter of Rights and Freedom . If they had acknowledged this and stopped all there illegal mandates . These protest would have not in the first place Are Government leaders are the real Crimeneals .But freedom loving Canadians get the blame They have pesterded us from the start with there so called health measures . But murdered from the start . Remember nursing homes ? dying alone ?

  • I thought we lived in a Democratic Country. Bit by bit our freedoms are being trampled on. I am thankful that the truckers stood up for our freedoms across Canada in wanting the mandates and lockdowns ended. They showed courage and fortitude. There is too much overreach in our government provincially and federally.

    God bless our truckers!!

  • A Thank You to all who participated in the Trucker’s Convoy. Now is the time to stand with those who suffered from Soviet-style government suppression. Support their defense teams. Sue where appropriate. Keep rhetoric family friendly and respectful even in disagreement. Should the entire trucking industry not object to this heavy hand? It need not be a long protest, just notify the country you are taking a day off.

  • I believe in vaccinations, but I don’t agree with government mandated discrimination. To me, this is what the freedom convoy was about. I don’t live in Ottawa and I didn’t have to deal with the clogged streets; however, living near the government buildings in a “free” country, people should not be surprised with protests there. I am guessing it went on way longer then the truckers wanted. It would have been fair for Trudeau to offer the truckers ‘dialogue and mutual respect’ (quote from Trudeau) like he did for other protestors to end rail blockades.

    I live in BC and our roads were shut down for a while in November. The stores were empty. People were in a panic. This was a temporary inconvenience. When no trucks come, then people care.

    I would like to thank all of our truckers. We literally would not survive without you. It must feel like you are not appreciated, but I am one of many who are so grateful for you. There are some of us who realize we don’t eat without you transporting food to us, and we can’t live our cushy first world lifestyles without you. WE NEED YOU.

    The trucking industry, like many other industries, desperately need workers. What did our government do? It crippled the industry even more with a vaccine mandate when other countries are opening up. It makes no sense.

  • The Trucker Convoy is fighting for FREEDOM for ALL Canadians – a FREEDOM that is our GOD-GIVEN RIGHT! Politicians who would inflict such CRUELTY on businesses by taking away their livelihoods, shows that these politicians, as well as the Ontario Ministry of Transport have no MORAL COMPASS. Just remember for any hateful action , KARMA HAS CONSEQUENCES! IT IS TIME TO STOP THIS AGENDA OF HATE AND SEPARATION THAT HAS PERMEATED SO MANY CANADIANS AS PERPETRTED BY THE CONSTANT BRAINWASHING AND FEAR MONGERING OF THOSE WHO WOULD BRING ABOUT THE GREAT RESET WHERE WE WILL HAVE NOTHING AND BE HAPPY – WELCOME TO 1984!!

  • The trucker led protest for relief from unjust, illegal government restrictions on freedom of movement and assembly was the finest example of Canadian unity and self-sacrifice since WW2. The Trudeau government and their paid goons was the most egregious example of tyranny ever in Canada. The contract between the peacful, law abiding truckers and their supporters and the lying cretins composed of media and politicians could not be starker. The continued persecution of these wonderful men and women by municipal, provincial and federal so called officials must stop.

  • Couldn’t be happier. That was not a legal protest it was an occupation. Not the way we do things here. Go to Ukraine and see what real loss of freedom feels like.

    • If our government keeps on interfering in our lives we will soon be like Ukraine. Government overreach is never the way to peace. Dialogue is what was missing here and seems to still be.


  • Liberal Government What are you thinking of!!!!!!! More measures you will have to apologize for way down the road (as you don’t say sorry at the time). It is unlawful what you are doing to the Canadian people who before your temporary EA measure have the right to protest peacefully. It was you with your war measures act that did the violence. Shame on you and your hypocrisy. You are making the kind Canadian people mistrust you and your banks, freezing these peoples accounts and their livelihoods after your two years of Covid regulations killing small business and jobs in Canada!!! Why not just hear them and END THE MANDATES! Say sorry now and become Canadian for Heaven’s sake!

  • All trucking companies should go on strike until these 39 companies re dive justice . They were demonstrating for everyone against tyranny.

  • How soon we forget? Five days later and we can’t help but wonder if Putin is pushing the world to the very brink of nuclear war when he pulls the nuclear threat card while invading, a sovereign country. Now this freedom convoy seems kind of irrelevant. How ironic that the conversation has completely flipped as we realize that millions of people in the Ukraine are fighting for their country, their very lives and REAL freedom. Thousands upon thousands of peaceful protestors including those in Russia are supporting the Ukraine at events around the world. Finally, Canadians are reuniting in support of a cause bigger than themselves; freedom from the yoke of communism that threatens the stability of democracies around the world. Russia is our northern neighbour and we are made aware of what a real threat to democracy looks like. Perspective is an amazing thing! The Trucker Convoy protest pales in comparison.

  • So our Federal government has now targeted our trucking entrepreneurs and are now effectively shutting their business’s down if they participated in this peaceful protest. Truckers were first identified by this same government as the heroes who were keeping our food distribution, consumer products, and fuels flowing while everyone else hunkered down. I guess they now view the industry to be of little value. Sad state of affairs.

  • Well, reading through the comments below it is clear that the opinions are all over the map.
    But, it should be noted that the publisher of this paper (I have been a subscriber for as long as I know, 20 years or so) is being subsidized by the Trudeau government.
    So it comes as no surprise then that the flavour of this article leans against the protest movement, and pro Trudeau.
    Shame on you, staff at Today’s Trucking, for not standing up for your audience, the truckers and the trucking companies.
    But of course, it was all just a fringe minority, or maybe, it was only the brave ones that stood up for the silent majority….
    In my opinion, it is a very sad day if governments (provincial, local, or federal), can take someone’s lively hood away without a court case, without a hearing, and without a chance to defend oneself.
    But then again, it is easily done when the assets are registered and easily tracked by way of a VIN or registration or DOT number.
    Shame on the authorities, and shame on you, staff at Today’s Trucking.

  • Is it possible that more might have been accomplished if the truckers had stayed home and just parked their trucks for three weeks without hauling any products during that time.
    It might have done more to disrupt the flow of goods and draw the necessary attention than driving all the way from BC only to lose their license, insurance and bank accounts. An organized agreement to park every truck and not move till there was at least some communication might have caused more disruption without the costly loss of their livelihood from government overreach.
    They couldn’t be charged for staying parked at home and probably wouldn’t have lost any more revenue than driving to Ottawa and losing three or four weeks of work doing that. Just a thought!

  • These truckers worked with police to make sure lanes were open to emergency vehicles etc. it was a peaceful protest and we have a right to do that as Canadians. Finally someone that stood up to a government that wants to control and divide us.
    If they can do it to the truckers they can do it to anyone who the government does not agree with, which could be you next time.
    Is that freedom and democracy ? Time to wake up.

  • Trucking companies should hire Esq. Edward Greenspan and sue the pants off the Ontario government.

  • Wow, this is outrageous, so ashamed of the government for doing this. I thought we ran the government and they worked for us, not the other way around.

  • This nation ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT abide by this pissing match resulting in the direct interference of international trade.

    The province of Ontario, punishing people for peacefully protesting – to this extent- will not abide.

    Take solace in that heavily punitive tribunals are being created right now to let these people know that their egos and convenience are not what this nation runs on.

    True North shall remain strong and free, despite any efforts from Ontario.

  • Congratulations to Doug Ford for pushing Conservatives away from the party. I will not vote for a Trudeau puppet.

  • It is my understanding that the Truckers held a peaceful and therefore non violent protest with approval from the Ontario Supreme Court. The approval was given on the same day the War Measures Act was invoked by Trudeau.

    Assuming the foregoing information is correct, on what grounds were the Licenses of 39 Trucking Companies revoked?

    In February the newly elected Police Chief said (to his everlasting shame ) on National TV: For those who supported the Truckers, we will hunt you down.

    What kind of a country is Canada turning into?

  • I am glad the authorities put this protest in its place along with the the perpetrators. There is a proper way to register a protest in a democratic country, and this convoy most certainly was not it. This convoy was verging on anarchy. However, it is clear that the participants had a profound misunderstanding of the structure of the Canadian government and how it works. The Provincial Depts. Of Education should be doing something to include instruction in the school curricula to address this misinformation. In addition, the misinformation dispensed through cell phone platforms also needs to be curtailed. and possibly, the activities of fringe media outlets such as Rebel Media need to be investigated.

  • I talk to foreign drivers every day by what’s up and telegram and give them names of truck drivers who came into to Canada in the past 5 years
    Our group has confirmed many people no longer want to come to Canada with current rules and working conditions. We are making a big difference.

  • Once again the very heavy hand of the government. Just how do they expect to get their groceries and stock delivered? And what about the protests that come from this Draconian action? These guys just will NOT leave well enough alone. What part of PEACEFUL demonstration did you not get and seems to me that is covered in our Charter of Rights. I guess that matters not to our glorious leaders….. Shame shame shame….

  • The trucks could have been off the streets in a very short time if only the Prime Minister had been willing to have an audience with the truckers, hear their grievances and take action to remove the mandates. So stop the whining and lay the blame where it belongs … at the PM’s doorstep.

  • I am beyond outraged. These truckers need to sue every province that has seized plates. Perhaps it’s time to do a fundraiser to pay for their legal bills. What the hell has happened to the Canada that I was born and raised in 77 years ago?

  • why are people surprised when ‘gov’t’ acts against people who ‘threaten’ the ‘freedom’ of some citizens? we all enter the world in the exact same way, through our mother’s wombs; we don’t choose this, and there is no other option: this circumstance should be a fundamental and protected ‘shrine’, but its not; if mom ‘A’, decides you’re out of luck, you ‘threaten’ her ‘freedom’, then goodbye Charlie, or Charlene. This emboldens the ‘gov’t’ to think they are Judge and Jury over ‘freedom’ of life, and they won’t hesitiate to follow what they or the mob, wants. Stop talking about ‘rights’ and ‘freedom’ when it comes to ‘gov’t’…they don’t care, and will do whatever is in vogue at any particular point in history. Never forget Dr.Henry Morganthaler, recipient of the prestigious and ‘honorable’ ‘Order of Canada’ Medal, the infamous killer of thousands of unborn Canadians. Follow his philosophy if you want to be ‘honored’ by Canada. We all know the eventual outcome of societies that worship ‘sex and self’…..they collapse. If you are a trucker that protested the gov’t and lost your ‘way of life’, welcome to ‘Canada’!

  • So it begins, the slow descent into authoritarian government that does not permit peaceful protests. We have a government that will destroy your livelyhood if you speak out against their mandates. I quote George Orwell author of the book “1984” – “Censorship is the tool used when the Lie loses its power” The tool used by the Ministry of Truth from the book 1984 by George Orwell. The Ontario government has gone beyond Censorship to destroying livelyhoods.

  • There is a serious problem in Canada and many other countries with regard to ‘statutory authority’. All laws by definition, must be passed by an elected legislature. Perhaps the only exception, is the DeGaulle Presidential powers in France. In Canada, the ‘cvd19 response force’ within Transportation Canada not only has no statutory authority, but MPs have never heard of it. Yet, its ‘director’, who nominally ordered (the order came from PMO) the travel restrictions for vaccinated/ unvaccinated, on planes and public transportation, based on a falsely claimed (see CDC 180 degree retraction this week, vs. trust the experts, follow the science) medical health emergency – has BA in English Literature. Not coincidentally, the guy who invented ‘lockdowns’ during Bush Jr. tenure, has no background in health/medicine. What TO is doing is called ‘double down’.

  • If true, we need the names and personal details of the Government bureaucrats behaving like Liberal communist dictators that came up with this idea. I do wonder what “illegal occupation” this article is referring to.

    This action by the Ministry of Transport is likely very illegal.

  • Did any of these trucking companies take these suspensions to lawyers to be dealt with in the courts? Did any of them win their cases? Have they successfully been able to gain back their licenses? (It’s August 20, 2022 today as I write) thank you Jane

  • I”ll do my part here in the USA to support the truckers. I”ll take a look at the bathroom paper I buy to avoid Canadian products, Trudeau must know this is a fight against the middle class and the globalist establishment has no popular support at all!!!

  • This is a horrible over-reach by the Trudeau Liberal government!

    How can actions like this happen in a “free” country? Where are the judges that should be shutting this down?
    Are they all bought and paid for by the Liberals?

    This was a legal, peaceful protest until Trudeau declared the Emergency Act and unleashed the police.

    We can not allow this to happen in Canada ever again.

  • This is terrible. People should have the right to peacfully protest. What about what happens when you want to protest? It’s ok to force people to loose there lively hoods while fighting for freedom?
    This kinda does seem like tyranny. Shame, because Canada used to be such a free country.

  • This is a disgraceful move on the part of the province of Ontario. The truckers were engaged in a perfectly legal protest. There was nothing in the law before the passage of the notorious Bill 100 that permitted the government to do this. There is no excuse for punishing these truckers for exercising their constitutional rights to express their political opinions. Ontario will cause hardship to thousands of people – possibly millions – due to the supply chain disruptions this will cause. Premier Doug Ford should be ashamed of himself.

    • You are 100% correct, and I hope that Ford is sued personally for damages, restitution, and grievous abuse of office. This is absolutely disgusting!

  • How is this remotely legal, given that the protests were deemed legal in Canadian courts? This is vindictive persecution, and a number of personal loss lawsuits should be immediately forthcoming.

  • Why do they continue to call it “illegal occupation” = what definition are they using since nobody did anything illegal other than parking infractions