New app offers dial-a-flick

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Psssst! Wanna catch a free movie?

If you’ve got an iPhone and travel through the U.S., there’s a new app available that’ll give you access to serious rental discounts at Redbox DVD stations.

Produced by Neese Products and available for only 99 cents, the app updates promo codes for Redbox twice daily so if you’re heading into, say Tuscon, and you know you’re going to have some downtime, you can hit the Redbox app and see which movies are discounted that day.

Then from the comfort of your truck you can reserve the DVD, search for the nearest vending machine (there are about 15,000 across the States) and pick up your selection.

Sometimes, the Redbox discounts are a buck, so if you take advantage of just one promo code, the app will have paid for itself right away. Plus you can return the DVD to any other Redbox when you’re done with it.

And if you’ve got the previously released app called IDDL, which stands for iPhone Driver’s Daily Log, you won’t even have to log the time you spend watching the movie. Your iPhone will do that for you too.

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