Webasto is addressing rising fuel costs and anti-idling legislation by way of the NiteCool TCC-100 truck cab
cooler. Using fundamental scientific principles of heat extraction through water evaporation, it first draws warm
air in from outside the cab. The air then circulates through a pre-cooling chamber and is further cooled when
the warm air molecules naturally try to evaporate water from the unit’s 7-gal water tank. The evaporation
process causes the remaining air molecules to be cooler, which are then circulated into the cab to reduce the
interior temperature. The system uses no fuel and thus produces zero emissions.

Webasto says early testing shows that when the outside air has 40% relative humidity and is 86 degrees F, the
NiteCool TCC-100 will put 72.5-degree air into the cab. When the outside temperature is 95 degrees, the air
going through the evaporative system will come out at 79.8. Varying temperatures and humidity levels will
produce different temperature outputs.

While many drivers might use the system during rest hours, it’s also effective during drive time. Keeping the
cab cooler without running the factory-installed air conditioner (or running it at a greatly reduced rate) can
mean substantial cost savings.

The evaporation method is said to create a unit that’s extremely light, easy to install, easy to maintain, very
quiet, and less expensive than the alternatives. The NiteCool TCC-100 stands less than 5 in. tall mounted on
the cab roof and can be retrofitted in virtually all vehicles.

The manufacturer’s recommended price is US$1295.

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