Nova Scotia latest to adopt HoS exemption for Covid-19 relief

by Today's Trucking

HALIFAX, N.S. – The Province of Nova Scotia is the latest to adopt an hours-of-service (HoS) exemption for those hauling specific Covid-19 relief items.

The exemption is subject to various conditions. Prior to operating under the HoS exemption, the provincial HoS director of the base jurisdiction must be notified in writing.

While under the exemption, the intra-provincial truck partaking must adhere to several criteria, including maintaining a daily log, holding a valid safety fitness certificate not under a “conditional” rating, keep a copy of the exemption in the truck at all times, and drivers must be permitted to rest at least eight hours before again having to report to the home terminal.

Drivers must also follow certain rules when under the HoS exemption, which include indicating in the remarks of their daily log if operating under the exemption, not driving if impaired or fatigued, and taking a minimum of 10 consecutive hours off-duty after the delivery of essential cargo.

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Items considered to be essential to Covid-19 relief include medical supplies and equipment, food, paper products and other groceries, immediate precursor raw materials, fuel, equipment, supplies, and persons necessary to establish and manage temporary housing and quarantine facilities, and person designated by government authorities for medical and quarantine purposes, as well as those to provide other medical or emergency services.

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  • I have had several members that slip seat .
    This has potential to severely affect a trucking employer.
    When there is multiple drivers that drive different trucks and if these trucks are not clean after every shift.
    By time a driver has diagnosed, any driver that has used this truck in the last 2 weeks all those drivers now will have to be quarantined.
    Thus the spead continues!
    We recommend that only 2 drivers slip seat per truck and to be clean after ever shift.
    This will help to stop the spread!