Omaha Truckers Join the Fight Against Sex Trade

OMAHA, NE— Some U.S. truck drivers are working with Omaha law enforcement to stop the sex trade.

U.S. law enforcement officials say there’s evidence of girls as young as their early teens being sold in truck stops along the I-80, according to a Fox 42 article.

Working and fighting alongside local law enforcement, truck drivers are becoming the eyes and ears of the highways.

As many as 293,000 American youths are at risk of forced prostitution, with females entering the sex trade as early as 12 and boys and transgendered youth as early as 11, according to the FBI. 

“It’s just horrible, any number is horrible, small number or large, especially if it’s younger girls,” says Terry Smith, a trucker fighting the sex trade.

Many of these youths are runaway or throw-away children who live on the streets, but some are kidnapped.

Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

  •  Groups of young teens who is carrying their ID or controlling their purchases
  • Young teens who regularly frequent truck stops

To read the full story, see the Fox 42 article. 

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