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OTA reveals 2016-18 Board of Directors

TORONTO, Ont. – The 2016-18 Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) Board of Directors was approved today at the association’s annual general meeting.

“We are blessed as an association to have this level of commitment from leaders of the trucking industry and society. OTA Board members are individuals who are committed to the betterment of our industry and our communities. I’m honored to lead such an esteemed group of professionals over the next two years,” said OTA chairman Steve Ondejko, president of Onfreight Logistics.

Members at Large for 2016-2018:

  • Michael Anderson, Don Anderson Haulage Limited
  • Mark Aurig, Schneider Canada
  • Kevin Berry, Premier Bulk Systems
  • Dan Braatz, A Frederick-Thompson Company (FTI)
  • Mark Bylsma, Spring Creek Carriers Inc.
  • Sandro Caccaro, VersaCold Logistics Services
  • Mike Campbell, Hydman Transport Ltd.
  • David Carruth, One For Freight
  • Eric Carusi, Transpro Freight Systems

Doug Coleman, Doug Coleman Trucking

  • Adam Cooney, Cooney Bulk Sales Limited
  • Wayne Cooney, Cooney Transit Inc.
  • Paul Cooper, SLH Transport Inc.
  • Larry Cox, Polaris Transportation Group
  • Marilyn Daniel, Titanium
  • Ron Eadie, Double D Transport Inc.
  • Wendell Erb, Erb Group of Companies
  • Genevieve Gagnon, XTL Transport Inc.
  • Karine Goyette, C.A.T. Inc.
  • Gord Grant, Grant’s Transport Limited
  • Rob Haggarty, International Truckload Services Inc.
  • Jeff Hall, J&R Hall Transport Inc.
  • Margaret Hogg, J.G. Drapeau Transport Limited
  • Geoffrey Joseph, Joseph Haulage Canada Corp.
  • John Kingma, Empire Transportation Ltd.
  • Trevor Kurtz, Brian Kurtz Trucking
  • Lance LePage, Harland Veinotte Ltd.
  • Joe Lombardo, Purolator Inc.
  • Hugh Loomans, Sylvite
  • Norm Mackie, Mackie Moving Group
  • Alex MacKinnon, MacKinnon Transport Inc.
  • Kulwant Mann, Autobahn Freight Lines Ltd.
  • Ron Martin, Bridgeland Terminals Limited
  • Louisa McAlpine, Snowbird Transportation Systems Ltd.
  • Robert McDonald, Apps Transport Group
  • John McKevitt, McKevitt Trucking Ltd.
  • Natalie Meyers, Meyers Transport Ltd.
  • Rob Morrice, Morrice Transportation
  • Doug Munro, Maritime-Ontario Freight Lines Ltd.
  • Brian Murray, Day & Ross Freight
  • Scott Newby, Midland Transport Limited
  • Steve Ondejko, Onfreight Logistics
  • Rob O’Reilly, TransForce
  • Greg Palmer, Trans-Frt McNamara
  • Craig Rayner, United Parcel Service Canada Ltd.
  • Gregory Rumble, TransForce
  • Barry Schellenberg, Atlas Van Lines
  • Bill Shannon, Shandex Truck Ltd.
  • Gord Smith, Manitoulin Group of Companies
  • Mike Smith, TD Smith Transport
  • Norm Sneyd, Bison Transport Inc.
  • James Steed, Steed Standard Transport Limited
  • Chris Strank, F1 Freight Systems Inc.
  • Julie Tanguay, E.G Gray Transportation Ltd.
  • Vince Tarantini, Carmen Transportation Group
  • Kevin Tait, Gardewine
  • Ron Tepper, Fastfrate
  • Steve Thibert, Tibbs Transport Inc.
  • Jim Thomson, Thomson Terminals Limited
  • Ron Uloth, Rosedale Transport Ltd.
  • Scott Verspeeten, Verspeeten Cartage Limited
  • Glenn Weddel, Cam-Scott Transport Ltd.
  • Jim Wedge, FedEx Freight Canada
  • Ed Wiersma, Ed Wiersma Trucking Inc.
  • Brad Woodcock, Woodcock Brothers
  • Kirk Zavitz, Zavcor Trucking Limited
  • David Zavitz, Canada Cartage Limited Partnership

Past Chairpersons

  • Dan Einwechter, Challenger Motor Freight Inc.
  • George Ledson, Cavalier Transportation Services Inc.
  • Bill MacKinnon, MacKinnon Transport Inc.
  • Mark Seymour, Kriska Transportation
  • Scott Smith, J.D. Smith and Sons Ltd.
  • Brian Taylor, Liberty Linehaul Inc.
  • Jeff Bryan, Jeff Bryan Transport Ltd.
  • Scott Tilley, Tandet Group

Team OTA Representative

  • Peter Currie, Volvo Trucks

Toronto Trucking Association

  • David Moore, General Cartage & Express Co. Ltd.

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1 Comment » for OTA reveals 2016-18 Board of Directors
  1. JB says:

    Be nice to see this organization to something to help the industry and those that work in it for a change. Nice work on helping buck more regulations and imposed operating costs this past year…..oh thats right…..they didnt.
    They want to send small business to the dust bin of history. When in essence thats where the ota and cta should be. Have been around long past their usefullness. And have become just a lobbying organization in lock step with the governemnt forcing more red tape down everyones throats. Feel free to post below what this organization has done for the drivers, small fleets, independents and support staff in recent history. Arguably the answer is nothing…

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