OTA to unveil new training curriculum

by Truck News

TORONTO, Ont. — The “Essential Driving Skills; Tractor-Trailer Driver” curriculum package, that includes a 406-page driver textbook and 820-page instructor manual, is now complete and has approved by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) revealed today. 
According to the OTA, the materials will be available shortly as an off-the-shelf program to OTA member fleets wishing to upgrade their Driver Certification Program (DCP) to meet the new standards for Mandatory Entry Level Training (MELT) in Ontario kicking in July 1.
Known in industry terms as “DCP in a Box”, the robust program is designed for upgrading drivers to the Class A licence, and will be attractive to many DCP participant companies. OTA will begin offering the curriculum package to training providers in the next couple of months, it said.
The package also consists of:
  • 36 lesson plan modules covering classroom, yard and driving
  • 877 PowerPoint slide deck
  • 8 hours of narrated content
  • Instructor orientation workshop
“With the development of MELT we knew there would be changes to how drivers are trained in the province. OTA felt it was necessary to provide its membership with a plug-and-play option to comply with the new standards should they want to develop professional truck operators from within their own organizations,” said Stephen Laskowski, OTA president. “DCP in a box will do this for carriers in a very cost effective manner, as well as streamline many of the other internal processes that come along with MTO’s Driver Certification Program.”

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  • All You’re accomplishing with these higher demands of new and existing drivers is less interest in this profession.No one has even bothered to take into account the substandard wages being paid out to both drivers and owner operators and representation and enforcement of both Federal and Provincial Labour Laws in Canada is all talk and nothing else!Transport companies pay little to no attention to Labour Laws concerning transport drivers in Canada.Example: Transport company sole owner dies unexpectedly,who pays the drivers working for him?Absolutely no one!This has happened to me in 2015 when the owner of WhistlerXpress died.The finance company backing WhistletXpress liquidated all company assets and did not pay the company drivers monies owed to them.To take action it is a Superior Court of Justice with no guarantees the driver will recover lost wages plus it’s the drivers responsibility to cover the legal costs which can soar into thousands of dollars.And on top of this the driver just like everything you claim to do to protect him, gets it up the ass! All this MELT bullshit is Liberal Government bullshit and nothing else!Final result will be the end if the transport trucking industry.I have over 4 million miles of logged experience to back me up with a spotless record until 2015.Idiots pushing these regulations are just that, pencil pushing idiots with little to no background experience as a driver in the industry.No one with any brains will show much interest working in this field.Its a dead industry thanks to brain dead Liberal politicians.

  • who the hell wants to read through 406 pages just to get a drivers license ? And 800 plus pages for the instructor ? Whats he foing to taech when and how to use the john ? I think the idiots went over board. Yes new drivers need training but lets be real, 406 pages ?

  • i recenntly went through AZ drive test in Barrie ON she failed me because i fallowed OTA book guidelines whe i showed her(JUDY) book details she refused all book guidelines so i waste my time to read this book publisher should contact with ministry so nobody can mislead to read this book