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PeopleNet reports continued growth in 2005

BOSTON, Mass. -- Citing the success of its g3 Onboard Computing system, PeopleNet, a provider of onboard computing ...

BOSTON, Mass. — Citing the success of its g3 Onboard Computing system, PeopleNet, a provider of onboard computing and mobile communications systems, reported continued growth in 2005 at the American Trucking Associations’ Annual Meeting and Exposition.

“We have earned a well deserved reputation for our tireless efforts to get close to our customers and to truly understand their needs,” said John Sarto, chairman and CEO of PeopleNet. “As a result of these relationships we have introduced new products and enhanced existing applications to provide solutions to our customers and potential customers. Today, PeopleNet enjoys the clout and the standing to provide an enhanced suite of leading-edge applications that can be tailored to help deliver optimal functionality and return on investment for a wide range of fleets.”

PeopleNet said they boast a line-up of nearly 1,200 signed customers.

“We have signed more than 80 new customers so far this year that have been favourably impressed with our philosophy, our products, our support,” Sarto said. “We have set record order months for two out of the last three months and we are currently on pace to exceed 50 per cent growth compared to 2004.”

Sarto credits PeopleNet’s new g3 platform for much of the success.

“Fleets have embraced this new product because it represents a convergence of mobile communications, onboard computing and fleet management,” he said. “This next next-generation onboard computer exceeds customer expectations by providing multi-network, open, and smart access to help fleets multi-task and automate key processes across their operations. The barriers of bandwidth, memory, peripherals, applications and integration virtually gone away.”

Company officials say they plan to continue to focus on switching deployed customers that operate older systems. Already companies such as Tankstar, Groendyke, Dedicated Logistics, Norsemen Trucking and Smithway Motor Express – that together operate nearly 4,000 on-board units – have converted from older, satellite-based technology.

PeopleNet officials said their list of new and converted customers signals a growing acceptance of mobile communications solutions in key industry markets and vocational segments that traditionally have been under-represented by onboard technologies, according to Sarto. “We continue to expand in new market segments,” he said.

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